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Battlefield 4 Requirements Announced

News has finally reached my ears concerning the system requirements surrounding DICE’s Battlefield 4; the minimum and recommended system requirements were released today for the next installment in the Battlefield series, certainly surprising me. Of course, now that we have some definitive details surrounding the requirements, players can decide whether or not they’ll aim to upgrade their hardware to accommodate this game. As per the official chart supplied by the official Battlefield Twitter account, the specifications at minimum make the game accessible to older systems, but like Metro: Last Light and Crysis 3, the recommended requirements are quite steep.

  • The system requirements put my old XPS 420 below what can run Battlefield 4, but my current custom rig is mission capable, minus the fact that I’ve “only” got 2 GB of graphics memory. This struck me as a particularly strange requirement, but if this chart is representing the recommended settings as optimal settings, I’m going to be ready.

  • These screenshots come from the trailer “Angry Seas”, released long ago and showcasing some of the different gameplay elements, including interchangeability between iron/red-dot sights and optics, as well as ocean-borne combat.

  • Even though these images aren’t the sharpest in the world, having been taken from a 1080p version of the trailer, the lighting and details in the trailer are indicative of some incredible graphics exceeding what Battlefield 3 had. It appears the UI will remain an unobtrusive grey, and that the blue filter has been removed, giving the game more realistic lighting. On another note, I hope that 1) the water effects have been improved so that walking through water will cause splashes, and 2) the multiplayer looks as good as the campaign.

  • If the campaign proves to be satisfactory, I will definitely buy the game (well, maybe not at full price: I’ll probably wait until the price is reduced to forty dollars). I typically watch YouTube videos of gameplay from people such as TheRadBrad, and then subsequently decide whether or not a game is worth buying. One of the exceptions is Halo 4 and Skyrim: the former, I couldn’t buy despite getting good vibes from the game on the virtue that I’ve not an Xbox 360 (I’m a PC gamer through and through), and the latter, I bought because I wanted a high-fantasy open-world game and had my heart set on it.

  • Thanks to digital distribution, I am content to wait around for the price to drop. I realise that EA’s Origin is the only service available for getting the game, but if Battlefield 4 has a good enough campaign, I’m willing to use it. Yes, I would buy the game for the campaign alone (once the price drops).

The massive disparity between the minimum requirements and the recommended requirements suggest that Battlefield 4 should be playable on anything from entry-level machines (with an older-but-still-somewhat-decent video card like the 2006-era GT 8800) to top-of-the-line beasts fielding SLI GTX Titans. These minimum requirements are similar to those required by Battlefield 3, while the recommended settings are upwards of two to three times greater. Of note is the fact that the GTX 660 or Radeon 7870 HD is the recommended GPU; except for specialised versions, both cards come with 2 GB of video memory, which will lead to questions of how computers equipped with either one of these video cards will perform, as they have sufficient stream processors and enough memory bandwidth to do so, but lack the minimum of 3 GB of video memory. Naturally, top of the line cards and the present-generation GTX 700 series cards should perform just fine. I imagine that at 1080p, I should be able to achieve at least 40 FPS in high settings with my current video card.

2 responses to “Battlefield 4 Requirements Announced

  1. ninetybeats September 11, 2013 at 00:35

    As I’m not a PC gamer I saw the system requirements for the new Battlefield. You need some strong processors to run it at max. I didn’t know they had six cores already. I know there were some rumors about 8-core processors, but six never really reached me.
    I think you’ll run at a mixture between minimum and medium system requirements?


    • infinitezenith September 11, 2013 at 07:23

      Hex and oct core processors have been around for the past while, but for the most part, Intel’s quad cores and the higher-end AMD hex cores are what the game recommends. Thus, I’m not worried about the processor’s requirements. It’s primarily the GPU, and even then, I can satisfy the recommended card.

      The main thing for me is that vRAM requirement, which implies that people with a GTX 660 or greater could but simultaneously couldn’t run the game: while their card may have enough shader units, they’d still lack the memory. That said, I’m confident I’ll be able to get at least medium or medium-high graphics and retain good performance. My video card isn’t bad by any stretch.


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