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Hanasaku Iroha Home Sweet Home DVD/BD Release Date Set for October 16

Folks, I do have a review and screenshots of the movie. Click here to read the post!

Somewhere back in July, the Hanasaku Iroha Home Sweet Home talk show announced that the Blu-Rays and DVDs to the movie would be released on October 16, 2013, and will also be sold as an exclusive at the Bonbori Festival on October 12 in Yuwaku Onsen (Kanazawa prefecture). The DVD will retail for 5250 yen (54 CAD), while the standard edition BD will retail for 7350 yen (76 CAD). The special edition BD will cost 9450 yen (97 CAD). Each release will feature cover art by character designer and chief animation director, Kanami Sekiguchi.

  • This movie should close things up in Hanasaku Iroha, an anime I watched two years ago. Assuming my coursework isn’t going to be too heavy, I should have a review ready ahead of almost any other party out there, complete with screenshots and a discussion detailing my thoughts.

The special edition BD will naturally include a 1080p version of the movie, as well as the movie original soundtrack (composed by Shiroh Hamaguchi, this OST will feature some new compositions), a copy of the script to the movie, as well as the storyboards (drafted by Masahiro Ando) and a booklet that goes into details concerning the movie’s production. With a release schedule not dissimilar to that of the Strike Witches Movie, I expect to give the Hanasaku Iroha Home Sweet Home movie a review somewhere in mid-October or so, within a week of its release. Also similar to the Strike Witches Movie, discussions about Home Sweet Home have been surprisingly sparse, contrasting the K-On! Movie, which saw a near-ceaseless discussion even a half-year following its release.

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