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Tamayura ~More Aggressive~: A year since I came back

It’s been two years since I first watched Tamayura ~Hitotose~: in Fall 2011, I saw a series with unique characters that had the unique property of relaxing the mind. A great many anime fans actually forget that the first season was about fulfilling a dream to make something meaningful in the “We Exhibition”, and simply find that Tamayura is an enjoyable iyashikei (healing) anime, thus missing the fact that the Fuu, Kaoru, Maon and Norie actually do have something to work towards in the first season. Many have also forgotten that being “more aggressive” was a motivator Chihiro and Fuu used to push forward into the future. Thus, when the title Tamayura ~More Aggressive~ was announced, fans wondered what the title itself could actually mean: I ended up addressing that succinctly elsewhere, noting that being “more aggressive” simply meant being more forward and decisive. This, I said, would foreshadow a series that showcases Fuu maturing and developing a stronger sense of confidence and decisiveness.

  • From left to right, Maon Sakurada Norie Okazaki and Kaoru Hanawa. I still haven’t forgotten the central cast to Tamayura, even though it’s been a long two years since I saw the first season and much has happened since then.

  • The first episode eases the viewers back into the swing of things by retelling the core aspects of season one via flashbacks. The calm, gentle music from season one also makes a reprise, accentuating the mood, but there are new tracks to remind viewers that this is season two, with new elements and music.

  • A long time ago, I wrote a review back at my old website about the first season. The girls still frequent the Tamayura cafe and Chimo’s okonomikai shop, enjoying the very best of the cuisine in Takehara.

  • Chihiro Mihoshi is Fuu’s friend from middle school. Boisterious and energetic, she calls Fuu “Fuu-nyon” and generally has a demeanor (and appearance) not dissimilar to Tsuruya, although she can be quick to tears on some occasions.

  • Fuu’s fruitless attempts to photograph Momoneko-sama date back to season one and always end in failure as Momoneko-sama always manages to escape somehow, leaving Fuu with blurry images that miss its intended subject.

  • Takehara is a real city in Japan: the anime counterpart is modeled down to minute details, giving viewers a sense of truly being there as the girls go about their lives. Here, Maon, Kaoru and Norie succumb to the stress of not knowing what Fuu’s secret is. It turns out to be straightforward enough: start her own photography club.

  • Kanae Mitani is the new character to enter Tamayura: a local girl, she is Fuu’s senior in high school and will later join her photography club. Like Fu, she also enjoys photography and uses a Pentax Q camera.

  • Fuu’s reaction to a lively phone call from Tomo, one of Chihiro’s friends, is nothing short of amusing.

  • Despite being uncertain of herself, Fuu receives plenty of support from her friends and her family. Fuu later realises that the photography club will offer her a chance to try things out for herself, and in doing so, seek out the aggressiveness she sought back in season one.

  • I full well realise that the summer season is about to end: I procrastinate in anime. Noting the date in the AnimeSuki post, I mentioned that “more aggressive” simply is a motivator from season one, back in April. At least one other party has used my conjecture as inspiration to give insights into the show’s title, which, incidentally, is fitting of the series even if no firefights are involved.

Naturally, my predictions tend to be on the mark: the second season is predominantly set around Fuu’s desire to start a photography club at her high school. Now entering her second year, Fuu reminds herself of her wishes to become “more aggressive” and finds that sharing her hobby with others to be a suitable means of appreciating her hobby. This opening episode acts as a segue into Fuu’s aspiration, but also elegantly reintroduces the events from Tamayura ~Hitotose~, reminding both the girls and the viewers of what had happened previously, and how it sets the stage for what is to come. With all of the elements that made the first season so enjoyable, I look greatly forward to seeing how Fuu’s photography club turns out. Tamayura ~More Aggressive~ may be titled thus, but like its predecessor, it will continue to provide a soothing calm to its viewers, albeit with a smart new direction.

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