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Girls und Panzer Anzio OVA set for Summer 2014 Release

We both know that Ooarai must kill Anzio now. However, you’ll just have to imagine the fire! (Link to reflection, with screenshots)

A recently released magazine article revealed that the OVA episode depicting Ooarai’s match with Anzio will be screen on July 5, 2014, set a ways after the release of Gundam Unicorn‘s finale, Somewhere over the Rainbow. For the present, everything else I have to say will remain speculation: this has already been covered in one of my earlier posts. Lastly, for curious parties interested in seeing the scan; careful inspection of the scan finds that Miho has been promoted to Sergeant Major, and Yukari holds the Sergeant First Class rank, appropriately reflecting on their competence as tank operators. While it may appear that Ooarai went in and dispensed the hurt on Anzio after gaining momentum following their match against Saunders, there is a thrilling tale behind this match, fresh off the presses and translated for the readers.

Prior to the match, Anchovy outlined her plan to Anzio for handling Ooarai: they had managed to acquire a Carro Armato P40; despite being classified as a heavy tank by the Italians, it was functionally similar to a medium tank. One of its main weak points is that it uses rivets in its armour rather than welding, and the P40 is weak against weapons post-1943. Ooarai discovers that Anzio is deploying a secret weapon, and once more, Yukari is sent out for field work to discover what this weapon is. The OVA is said to be 40 minutes long, and will be go into details about Yukari’s mission in addition to Oorai’s match with Anzio: these additional elements add depth to the battle, and although we both know that Ooarai will waste Anzio, Yukari’s contributions may account for why the battle’s outcome was what we saw, reinforcing the significance of having good intel.

  • This post has been modified slightly to reflect the changes; the post URL and title differ because I do not wish to break existing links. I notice that they are pushing the release dates further and further into the future: my original post had said that the OVA was expected somewhere in Spring. I’ve supplied a list of changes at the bottom so users can know what’s different about the article as I continue to update it.

  • About a year ago, many individuals had low expectations for this series, thinking it was going to be another Upotte!! or Strike Witches, focusing on fanservice over everything else. Claiming the characters to look “bland” and the premise “generic”, they were quickly proven wrong once the series started going and Girls und Panzer quickly turned out to be the best offering of Fall 2012. The moral of this is quite simple: an open mind is key to enjoying anime.

On an unrelated note, whereas I had previously stated that I have no intent of playing World of Tanks any time soon, I nonetheless have taken the liberty of converting an unofficial English-translated copy of the manga’s first chapter into the ultra-compact, ultra-portable PDF container available for download here. Having a folder full of images is fine and dandy, but the Portable Document Format allows for a far easier reading experience, especially on mobile platforms. I’ve heard at least one online source claim that PDFs are useless, but the truth is anything but: PDFs can be opened independently of operating systems, allowing documents to be viewed on almost any platform with an appropriate reader. The English-translated guide gives an useful and entertaining approach towards explaining some of the details in World of Tanks, capitalising on Girls und Panzer’s popularity to seamlessly weave Panzerfahren with its virtual counterpart.

Article History

  • September 14, 2013: Original article written
  • February 7, 2014: Updates to reflect summer release
  • February 19, 2014: Added link to OVA plot outline
  • July 6, 2014: Link to OVA reflection and screenshots added

One response to “Girls und Panzer Anzio OVA set for Summer 2014 Release

  1. Historynerd February 21, 2014 at 08:22

    Hmmm…. very interesting. It seems Yukari has decided to be Ooarai’s standing intel gatherer.

    Well, I believe it fits. After all, she has a big tank culture, therefore she is more likely to grasp the situation better than anyone else, except maybe for Miho (who, however, is not the spy type, according to her characterization, I’d say).

    It intrigues me the fact that Anzio would have just acquired the Carro Armato P40; I mean, even in the anime it’s peaceful that they defeated Maginot to get there. I find it somewhat weird that they could do it without the P40 (which is pretty much a somewhat weaker M4, with its riveted and not-that-thick armor, two-man turret and unreliability, but is still better than any French tank up to 1940); either Maginot is in even worse shape than Anzio, or something’s afoot.
    Also, it figures that they would use it as a ‘secret weapon’ against Ooarai; considering that in the show they won’t use the Char B1bis (and we saw in the manga how much a pain it can be against tanks without spectacular firepower) and the Panzer IV still has the short-barreled gun; it could arguably give Anzio an edge if put to good use… or if someone wouldn’t be nosy, as it’s going to be the case.

    Anyway, this sure does help to keep my interest going! So, my thanks to this article for giving me something more to chew on while we wait for the main course!


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