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Crysis 2- A First Look

It’s been a little more than six months since Crysis 3 was released, and two years since Crysis 2 was released. I would have intended on skipping past Crysis 2 were it not for a well-timed Steam Sale that put Crysis 2 at 75% off. I couldn’t pass that off: it’s 7.50 for the whole game, and the sale ends on October 14. While the game itself was released in March 2011, I only saw gameplay footage in July 2011, right before my own trip to New York City. That trip was placed in one of the more memoriable summers, and I had the opportunity to go to the American Museum of Natural History in New York, as well as the observation deck on the Empire State Building. Before the trip, however, I had just finished debugging and testing my fluid flow model in the nephron, and was watching gameplay of the mission Road Rage on YouTube, enjoying a chuckle at the conversation between Commander Lockhart and Tara Strickland. Of course, after I went to New York, I was impressed with how the game looked: despite being designed as a console game and lacking the next-generation graphics the community was expecting, Crysis 2 appeared to be a solid game.

  • I know I’ve said that my current summer was very a little lackluster, but that is strictly in terms of actual travel and seeing astronomical events like auroras and meteor showers. From a research, food, anime and gaming side, the summer itself was rather productive and enjoyable. I didn’t get to travel, but I sure as heck did get to visit many different virtual worlds.

  • That is the main joy of gaming, especially on a good screen at 1080p. Instead of rushing through a mission trying to complete it, I now feel content to slowly explore a level to find secrets and cool stuff. With the more graphically impressive games like Crysis, sometimes, it’s worthwhile to stop and watch the light reflect off the water.

  • The first bit of Crysis 2 may be a little dicey with respect to story, but the gameplay is characterised by guns that, while sounding a little weak, are very satisfying to fire, compared to the gunfire of Crysis, which seemed far weaker.

  • On my New York trip two years ago, I loaded the Crysis 2 soundtrack into my iPod touch, and the song SOS New York began playing as the tour bus left Newark for New York City on our first day there. Since then, I’ve wanted to give Crysis 2 a shot. Two years later, that wish has become a reality. I have a feeling this post is going to show up on an anime news aggregator at some point: to prevent viewers from being disappointed, I will probably provide my first impressions of Infinite Stratos² on short order.

  • I’m certain the streets and buildings in Crysis 2 are modeled closely after the real-world New York, meaning I could probably find the exact streets if I felt so inclined. I look greatly forward to playing through this urban jungle, and will probably begin the campaign in earnest once I complete Alan Wake. Acquired during the Steam Summer Sale, I’ve rather enjoyed that game for its story and gameplay mechanics. There’s a rather enjoyable story about Alan Wake, and I’ll tell that story in due course.

I’m now about three-quarters of an hour into Crysis 2. At this point in time, Crysis 2 feels nothing like the original: Crysis had been very open, but Crysis 2 is linear, limiting me to corridors and specific exits. I’ve only come across a few guns so far, so I’ve found myself sticking to the SCARAB rifle and its iron sights, although a pickup yielded a red-dot sight attachment. While the graphics may look a little underwhelming for a Crytek title on PC, they are nonetheless well-polished. The gameplay is rather satisfying: despite the game being more linear, the guns feel powerful. In the discussions I’ve come across so far, the emphasis in Crysis 2 isn’t on being able to move around different parts of the map to get kills, but rather, customising guns and even the Nanosuit to suit play style. Thus, I’ll definitely be sticking around for the journey, although contrasting my previous series of Crysis posts, I will not be doing a level-by-level discussion, but instead, provide posts as I progress through the game.

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