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Two Year Anniversary!

It’s now been two years since I started this blog and began writing. My first ever post following the start was a brief post about the K-On! Movie featuring high resolution images from the trailer, and initially, posting was quite slow as I was still getting used to the whole blogging business. As a result of the lower volume of articles posted, in-bound traffic was slower, and it wasn’t until January 2012, when I wrote the discussion to the K-On! OVA “Plan”, that I began using the blog more regularly. At the time, I was still primarily using the website at for most of my discussions, so articles here were written more hastily and with a slightly reduced quality. Two years later, this blog has largely displaced my website, and writing articles takes far longer than they used to. I strive to write entertaining articles that, as some may have noted, are becoming ever-longer. Between real-world obligations related to research and maintaining the blog, this means that the old site is getting the shaft with respect to the amount of time and effort I can put in, and thus, I’m going to retire the old site as soon as the Gundam Unicorn finale comes out.

  • I wonder how many readers actually find these “administrative” posts useful, and how many have noticed a common pattern between all of them. Posts of this category are to inform readers of what I plan on doing here, as well as how I may occasionally feel about how the blog is going.

  • To put it shortly, the blog has seen a substantial increase in visibility over 2013, thanks in no small part due to the fact that some articles here have a certain amount of uniqueness to them that get them linked to social media, such as the post dealing with the school ships of Girls und Panzer and comparisons between real life and the anime depiction of places in Haruhi. I strive to produce content that can’t be obtained anywhere else, as well as providing the best possible translations of news to ensure English-speakers are not left in the dark.

The Webs domain had been my primary website for the past six years and has seen everything from the beginning of Gundam 00 to the release of the K-On! movie. Maintaining the site had been fun, and I spent countless hours drafting posts for the site. However, the limitations imposed by on a free account were beginning to take its toll. At its height back in 2011, the site ran over the monthly bandwidth allotments every month following the release of the Gundam 00- Awakening of the Trailblazer film. I had been the first to supply a full review of the movie, and curious readers found my discussion to be entertaining and useful. 2011 represented the apex of the site’s viewership, where I was averaging 900 unique views per day to the Gundam 00 and Five Centimetres per second pages. Despite being an avid Gundam fan, readers may have noted that there are no extensive posts about Awakening of the Trailblazer here. It’s high time I change that, and port the page here. Similarly, my Five Centimetres page has been cited as an excellent companion to the film itself, and yet, there’s no place here to discuss it. Moreover, in the months leading up to the Gundam Unicorn finale, I will be embarking on a project to migrate the content from the Gundam Unicorn page here. Dubbed “Six weeks of Gundam Unicorn”, they’ll set the stage for my reflection on the finale. For now, the timeline is to port the Five Centimetres per Second page and publish it on November 28. The Awakening of the Trailblazer page will expect a publish date of December 31.

2 responses to “Two Year Anniversary!

  1. medievalotaku October 22, 2013 at 09:26

    Congratulations on your anniversary! I’ve been blogging for one and a half years myself, and it’s tough to keep writing; yet, something always seems to pull me back.


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