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A Day in Skyrim: Part 2

Readers might be wondering whether or not I’m still playing Skyrim right now, seeing as my last post dates back to somewhere in August. The answer to that is yes: I’ve decided to simply make one of these posts about every ten levels I gain. As such, this post indicates that I’m at level 20 in Skyrim, having played 33 hours in total since I bought the game. By this point in time, I’m getting closer to the mystery behind the Staff of Magnus, and learned several dragon shouts. I’m actually working towards getting the Clear Skies shout, since that could allow me to summon auroras at will. Believe it or not, a major aurora passed over my town a few weeks ago, and I missed it because I was sleeping off an alcohol-induced daze.

At level twenty, I’ve completed the Thalmor Embassy quest, and have decided that I will stick to my destruction/conjuration mage with enchanting and archery specialisation. This is one of the most unusual combinations, but I’ve found it to be quite useful for improving survivability in prolonged combat. Thus, between now and the third post (unsurprisingly, to be made once I reach level 30), I aim to finish the Eye of Magnus quest, and learn a few more Dragon Shouts. I’m also going to see about getting some of the adept level destruction spells.

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