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Gundam Unicorn Finale set for release on May 17, 2014

The title already says everything: at the time of writing, the long-anticipated finale to Gundam Unicorn will come out on May 17, 2014. This date lies just a hair under half a year from the time of writing, and was revealed in an official trailer released by Sunrise. Said trailer depicts Full Frontal with Char’s signature mask, the Banshee Norn clashing blades with the Kshatriya and the Unicorn throwing a punch with its green psychoframe active. Beyond what has been shown in the trailer so far, several pieces of concept  art have been released, depicting the Banshee Norn in Destroy mode and a combat-ready Kshatriya equipped with a beam javelin sourced from the Full-Armour Unicorn.

  • With a concrete release date now known, I will begin my “six weeks of Gundam Unicorn” series in the first week of April 2014. This project will involve porting all of my discussions from my old website to this blog and updating them. I’m not sure if readers follow, but since September, I’ve dropped updates for my old website.

  • Even though the episode has yet to release, I was able to acquire a 720p version of the trailer, hence the high-quality screenshots that cannot be found at any other website. Discussions have finally reached a point where participants are conceding that Full Frontal’s final mobile suit will resemble the Zeong in appearance. This episode is where possibility comes to the foreground, and I anticipate all sorts of awesome battles to be seen over the 90-minute run.

  • Viewers have been looking forward to a Destroy-mode Banshee Norn since March when it rolled out. Even in a span lasting no more than a few seconds, the battle looks intense. Here, the Banshee makes use of the Beam Jitte, a bayonet-like attachment built into the revolving launcher. This weapon is intended to act as an immediate measure against enemy melee attacks and is quicker to activate than it would otherwise be to draw out a beam sabre.

  • The outcome of episode seven is anybody’s guess, and although my speculation is based upon reasoned elements, it remains speculation. I promise and guarantee a discussion within a week of the episode’s release, followed by a full series reflection and a special post about why Gundam Unicorn holds a very special place in my life, once all of the dust has settled.

While the finale will premier in theatres on May 17, the Blu-Rays and DVDs will release on June 6, 2014. The release will be accompanied by a bonus special features segment. Also 90 minutes in length, speculation suggests that this will be about the making of Gundam Unicorn. For the present, it’s a long-anticipated ending to what could very well be one of the most solid Gundam series to have ever aired in a long time, and believe it or not, six months will pass very quickly. For the present, Otafest Aurora 2013 is right on the horizon, and having pre-ordered my ticket, I am greatly anticipating this one. I’ll disclose more details once the event itself approaches.

4 responses to “Gundam Unicorn Finale set for release on May 17, 2014

  1. Zephuros November 21, 2013 at 10:39

    Gundam UC?
    I’m only here just for Marida & Banshee Unicorn only xD!


  2. Zephyr January 7, 2014 at 01:56

    Actually, the Norn’s beam magnum is attached to the revolving launcher, which is able to deploy a beam jitte/jutte (evident as the whitish beam javelin cuts into the blue-looking beam of the jutte) in case the pilot has no time to respond to an enemy beam saber, as homage to the GP-01 series.


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