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Deer Hunter 2014: Mount St. Helens and the Nile River Valley

This post is for everyone looking for more Deer Hunter 2014 screenshots. The site statistics say people like the Deer Hunter 2014 posts, so this one’s for the readers!

A short while ago, Deer Hunter 2014 for iOS received some new, complementary downloadable content that added a sixth region, new weapons for said region and a Christmas hunt programme. I’ve played some of the Christmas hunts, although I’ve yet to actually win a free weapon from the rare animal events. I had spent the previous month playing through contract hunts in region five to accumulate cash for the eventual region seven weapons. By the time region seven did come out, I had enough in-game money to purchase the region seven rifle and shotgun, as well as fully upgrade each weapon. Of course, it was a slow process, since the upgraded parts now require 25 minutes to import, but once they arrived and were equipped, region six (Mount St. Helens) turned out to be remarkably straightforward to complete, and at the time of writing, I’ve now completed all of the trophy hunts for region seven (Nile River valley) as well. The new locations are beautiful, whether it be the majestic views of the mountains or lush forests in the Mount St. Helens region, or the burning plains and ancient pyramids in the Nile River valley.

  • The region seven rifle, the Clayton Rebel, is the most powerful rifle that can be purchased using the in-game currency. It is a bolt-action rifle and performs the same as the previous rifles, except it has more firepower. As before, being able to place a shot accurately with a bolt-action rifle is vital, since the time taken to re-chamber a round could mean the difference between completing or failing a hunt.

  • The meadows below Mount St. Helens is beautifully rendered, featuring greenery growing among the splintered tree trunks following the 1980 eruption.

  • A gloomy meadow acts as one of the locales for some of the trophy hunts. A properly upgraded rifle means that one could earn a substantial amount of money by playing these trophy hunts very quickly. I recall some guides telling players to play and deliberately fail trophy hunts to earn larger amounts of money, although this technically isn’t practical, since each trophy hunt requires two energy units to enter.

  • The wisdom of having a good shotgun becomes apparent if one misses their first shot against predators that will charge the player. There’s really no need for a semi-automatic rifle if one is familiar with the game mechanics, since skills will allow players to turn what appears to be a failed hunt into a successful hunt.

  • Before I start firing a carefully-placed round at the first target animal I see, I typically look around the map and scout out where everything is first, then target the closest animal first. After the first shot hits and I re-chamber a round, I am already moving to the next target.

  • An oasis underneath the pyramids is downright beautiful. Some guides suggest using the consumables if the hunts get difficult, but I find that practise and persistence will make it so that these items are never required for any hunt.

  • I am immensely thankful that I decided to hold back and not buy the region six weapons, instead, skipping ahead to the region seven weapons once those were released. By region seven, the average contract hunt yields some 3200 dollars of in-game currency, making it possible to go back and purchase all of the previous weapons far more quickly than was previously possible.

  • Of course, I would recommend sticking to the best weapons available to the player and continuing to save up for the rifles in the region after the next: ever since getting this game, my practise is to save for a rifle and its upgrades two regions ahead.

  • I decided to upgrade the G & H Trench, the most powerful standard shotgun purchasable with the in-game currency, after a failed hunt in the Nile River Valley region. I’ve noticed that the hunts don’t actually require a pistol, but pistols remain entertaining to use as something of a self-imposed challenge on some missions.

  • Spike Gore is the last trophy hunt that is in region seven and requires a fully-upgraded Clayton Rebel before the player can participate in the hunt. Trophy hunts are very easy simply because there is a single target that must be downed with a heart shot: typically, the missions are the toughest, since some require a player to take down several animals using brain shots.

The array of updates appear to only be for the iOS platform: there are desktop versions of the game for Mac OS X, and the game can be played on Android devices, as well as Facebook. All of these versions are free, of course, but my suggestion is to pick one and stick with it, since there’s no way to synchronise progress on iCloud or across devices, so if I had a completely upgraded region seven rifle and shotgun on a iPad, the iPod touch will not be able to use these weapons. One must also be careful not to delete the app on their devices, since data is saved to the game itself. I think I’ve noted this before in my other Deer Hunter 2014 article, but that article featured screenshots of regions one through five, and has been one of the more popular posts on this site. I imagine that curious readers were wondering what regions six and seven would look like, and I hope that those seeking images of these regions are not disappointed with the contents of this post.

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