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Mobile Suit Gundam 00 A Wakening of the Trailblazer: Epilogue

Centuries ago, a younger Aeolia Schoenberg mentions his plan to evolve humanity to evolve and overcome their differences, and how disappointing it would be for human progress if the first thing they do is start a war once they became space-faring. Fifty years have passed since the conflict between humanity and the ELS. Setsuna had left on a journey to understand more about the ELS, and the flower-like space station is now Earth’s foothold for humanity’s first voyage into deep space. A ship, called the Sumeragi, full of awakened Innovators (including a quick glimpse of Tieria and the Aima Lee, who has since recovered) prepare for their maiden voyage into space. 40% of humans have become Innovators and as they were physically evolved; they were to spearhead the first voyage until the rest of Humanity evolves. Out in the country in a field of flowers lies Marina’s retirement home. Marina has since aged and has lost her sight. She senses someone entering her room and politely asks who is. It is none other than Setsuna; despite the 50 years that had passed, he has not aged in the slightest. He tells Marina how he finally came back and kept his promise, even if it was rather roundabout for both of them. They embrace each other as a token of understanding. Outside, the 00 Qan[T] is resting in the field of flowers, glistening in the sunlight.

  • This is E.A. Ray, the man who assisted Aeolia Schoenberg and formed the basis for Ribbons Almark. Here, he is discussing the roles and ideals of Celestial Being and what their desired fate of the world is to be.

  • With no fewer than eleven monitors and some five computer towers, Aeolia’s personal workstation does not appear dissimilar to those

  • Aeolia looks a little like Ian in his younger days, and reveals that his plan was for humanity to achieve interstellar capabilities after they could advance beyond its current point of evolution, this is a common theme behind a lot of Gundam series, although it was not apparent until the end of the first season.

  • Fifty years after first contact, the world is a radically different place. The ELS’ flower-like space station serves as a space port now, and the ELS have acquired the ability to use the original solar furnaces.

  • This is the Sumeragi, a deep space exploration vessel crewed by Innovators. In the fifty year span, human technology has become more asthetically pleasing to the eye, with gentle curved structures becoming more prevalent over our current preference for angular structures. I posted this image to AnimeSuki a while back, captioning it A rear view of the Sumeragi. Another member jokingly wished it were more fanservice-y

  • The interior of the Sumeragi is very minimalistic; we can assume this to be the bridge of the vessel. By this point, GN technology has been used to develop faster-than-light travel, which uses GN particles to generate quantum pathways not unlike the mode of operation for the Shaw-Fujikawa drives used in HALO.

  • Amia Lee has since recovered from her infection with ELS crystals, and is partially ELS now, as her hair and left eye have metamorphesized to a silver colour.

  • We get a nice view of the holographic table here. I’ve been interested in computers like these, as they offer a lot more functionality than the current inputs offered by keyboards, mice and printers. It appears that the different space suit colours reflect on different roles of the personnel.

  • Tieria glides behind the guy who’s giving the announcement about the Sumeragi’s objectives wearing an irritated expression on his face.

  • Klaus is being interviewed here, having become the captain of this exploration vessel.

  • Marina’s country home is in a field of flowers. Setsuna has made a brief return visit to her.

  • Marina lost her vision with age, but she remains a proficient piano player nonetheless. Following the release of the movie, many fans were clamouring for cam-rips just to see these few moments.

  • ELS Setsuna is now semi-immortal, having not aged a day since he left for the ELS’ homeworld.

  • Setsuna and Marina fully understand each other now; the former has learned to address problems with peaceful and diplomatic approaches, while the latter has seen that Setsuna has indeed found his happiness. They embrace. In the manga, what happens after is that Setsuna calls upon the ELS healing techniques and makes Marina young again. Setsuna and Marina then tie the knot by marrying. To be honest, I don’t care what those opposed are saying, but this is the ending I’m going with.

This is the end of the A Wakening of the Trailblazer, a movie that would eventually receive mixed reactions from critics and the anime community alike. The underlying thematic element throughout the entire Gundam 00 series, that understanding is key to human progress, is hammered home again and again throughout the movie. Proponents of the movie cite its direct message, brilliant visuals and willingness to go where no Gundam has gone before to be its strongest point: indeed, three years after the movie has aired and released on DVD/Blu-ray, no other Gundam franchise has explored the concept of extraterrestrials: the “Unknown Enemy” in Gundam AGE turns out to be human in origin, meaning that even now, A Wakening of the Trailblazer holds the distinction of being the only installment in the Gundam franchise to have integrated extraterrestrials into their story, and arguably, did so in a successful manner.

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