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Upotte!!: OVA Impressions

Oh, look, anthropomorphic guns. I love anthropomorphic guns. THANKS, ANTHROPOMORPHIC GUNS; so many anthropomorphic guns. More anthropomorphic guns, thank goodness…are you taking my anthropomorphic guns from me? Are you sapping my signal?!

Released some five months after the finale aired, the OVA showcases Funco, Ichiroku, Eru and Sig’s camping trip in the mountains, where they do some fishing in the river, smash a watermelon and relax in a natural hot spring. Later in the evening, after the girls turn in for the night, Funco and Sig make a promise that they’ll always be together.

  • This scene is strikingly similar to the landscape in Sora no Woto. It’s been nearly three years since I watched Sora no Woto, Broken Blade and The Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi, and two years since I watched Angel Beats!, CLANNAD, CLANNAD ~After Story~, and Tari Tari. I may come back and begin porting reviews from the old website here with a new flair in the future if time permits.

  • Viewers who were feeling a little disappointed by the execution in the final two episodes of Upotte!! will have waited some five months for an OVA that captures all of the series’ spirit. Light-hearted and entertaining, comedy carries the episode. Elle

  • In Survivorman, Les Stroud notes that in a survival situation, having a fishing tackle can mean the difference between life and death. There are several instances where Stroud was able to capture fish (most notably, in Colorado and the Arctic Tundra) because his kit contained the necessary gear for him to go fishing. In a few other cases, Stroud has successfully speared fish, too.

  • I wish I still had Discovery Channel: after upgrading to Shaw Broadband two years ago, I enjoyed having a few additional channels and spent most of my time after biochemistry classes watching Mighty Ships and Mayday on Discovery. I recall a warm summer evening watching Survivorman: 10 days after doing a practise full-length MCAT exam.

  • Many reviews out there make some mention of the quality of animation and artwork in their discussions. I do not typically consider animation techniques to be important enough to mention unless they do something spectacular (such as the camera panning seen in Gundam Unicorn and the K-ON! Movie), and similarly, series with particularly poor animation are dropped: minor inconsistencies are not sufficient to make me rage-quit.

  • Like most of the the anime I watch, Upotte!! falls between “the art and animation were so poor that I didn’t consider that series to be worth my while” and “masterfully executed such that the artwork and animation become integral to the experience”.  The artwork is satisfactory for the most part, although my favourite scenes do involve beautiful shots of the landscapes. I note that Funco has a significantly more moé appearance in the anime, whereas in the manga, she has a far sharper appearance, with angular lines replacing the gentler curvatures seen in the anime.

  • Sig and Funco prepare dinner after everyone relaxes in a natural hot springs conveniently located near their campsite. Because the OVA was a Blu-Ray exclusive, the steam was turned off, and I am glad to have watched this away from questioners. For obvious reasons, I won’t include any screenshots.

  • Ichiroku and Elle come across a baby boar that is essentially CLANNAD‘s Botan. Ichiroku caves to Elle’s begging and spares it from becoming dinner. Elle’s actions are particularly adorable during the OVA, whether she’s distracting Ichiroku after the latter becomes disheartened at Funco and Sig’s skills at skipping stones, or thinking daggers at Ichiroku when her fishing is disrupted.

  • The girls set of a fireworks display after dinner concludes, and with it, the episode draws to a quiet close, acting as a suitable send-off for Upotte!!.

  • Why do I watch the more unusual anime, one asks? I do it partially because I deal with academic materials day in and day out, and anime are my means of kicking back to relax. I realise that different anime work for different people, although I find it immature to try and write off an anime as poor using purportedly “objective” approaches: if there’s an anime I didn’t like overall, I’ll try to present what I like and what I didn’t like. Speaking of which, I will need to do a talk on Kokoro Connect and Papa Iukoto o Kikinasai at some point in the future. I completed those series and have some thoughts on them that might merit sharing.

The opening quote was inspired by some lines from a YouTube video about the De Schippers van de Kameleon game featuring some shameless promotions for the T-mobile service provider for phones. Said video has next to nothing to do with the Upotte!! OVA, but both end up being amusing in their own right. In particular, the quote captures the OVA’s content about as effectively as the episode summary itself, which, while some may view as a negative, should probably not dissuade anyone who had enjoyed the original airing of Upotte!! from watching the OVA. The OVA is strikingly familiar to virtually every other slice-of-life anime set with a camping trip, but featuring the cast of Upotte!! allows for a slightly different approach to be taken towards depicting how the girls go about enjoying their camping trip. This was a fun episode, but as is the case with most anime (and OVAs) that are this casual in nature, the discussion is really quite limited. I will note that the version I watched was the Blu-Ray version, and as such, the content in some scenes preclude their inclusion as screenshots for obvious reasons. Other than a few minutes of anatomy unhindered by Frostbite 3 particle effects, the OVA is reasonably enjoyable.

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