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Deer Hunter 2014: Klondike Yukon and the Zambezi River

This is the greatest deer hunting of all time.

Regions eight and nine have been released for a few weeks and few days now, respectively, introducing a new set of trophy hunts and missions in the frigid Klondike River region and the lush Zambezi River. While I found the Yukon to be disappointing as far as aesthetics go, the Zambezi River, on the other hand, is beautiful and a thrilling place to start lighting up rhinos, elephants, leopards and hippos. Between region seven and now, I had also accumulated 1.2 million dollars in-game, allowing me to purchase the region nine rifle and upgrade it fully, as well as pick up the region nine shotgun.

  • For the rare hunts and holiday hunts, it is sufficient to have a qualifying weapon to enter the event: other than that, players may use their preferred weapons for these hunts, making them easier or more interesting depending on their preferences. The later pistols eclipse some of the earlier assault rifles in terms of damage, so players can go back and use a pistol to complete the contract missions if they so chose.

  • The fastest way to earn money in Deer Hunter is to do contract hunts in the highest level region available. I noted earlier that the Klondike Yukon region was somewhat disappointing because most of the maps were re-purposed from the British Columbia region.

  • The purchasable region nine rifle is called the Rohmann KR. I was able to purchase and upgrade all of its components immediately, since I had nearly 1.2 million dollars at the ready. The one unique map in the Klondike region are cliff sheers and waterfalls, seen above.

  • With a fully-upgraded rifle, the trophy hunts for regions eight and nine took a total time of about six minutes to complete, excluding the waiting time for the energy to recharge.

  • It appears that the difficulty of contract hunts alternate every second region: the Klondike Yukon hunts were largely straightforward and could be completed with region seven weapons, while the hunts in region nine are rather challenging, even with fully upgraded weapons.

  • The Zambezi River features some of the coolest maps in Deer Hunter 2014 since Mount St. Helens. In the background, there is a railway bridge, and occasionally, a train will pass over it. Touches like these add details to Deer Hunter 2014, giving the environments a much more life-like feeling, even if the game is very repetitive in nature.

  • The Plisskin Mamba is the best shotgun available to those who don’t wish to spend the premium currency. I’ve found that with shotguns, the default iron sights are more than enough to get the job done, and that the reflex sights actually complicate things in Deer Hunter 2014.

  • I do read all the comments that appear in my Dear Hunter posts and try to answer them the best I can.

  • Besides the missions, trophy hunts and contract hunts, the newer updates add rare hunts and special missions for sport assault rifles and pistols. The latter can be purchased for roughly 160 000 dollars in game, while the latter requires 160 of the premium currency.

  • I would try and complete a trophy hunt with a weapon lacking an infrared scope, but since the trophy hunt missions cost two energy units per attempt, it’s best to complete them in one try. Lockjaw is the final animal in the trophy hunt challenges. Once that’s complete, the wait for region ten begins. It will be released, given that the top-of-the-line premium rifle is a multi-region rifle that accommodates up to region ten.

Because my Deer Hunter posts seem to be quite popular, I’ve decided that I might return every two regions to do a short talk on the latest and greatest landscapes, weapons and features. Factors motivating that include the amount of feedback I get surrounding Deer Hunter, and whether or not Glu Games continues to release new regions. I’ve also been picking up a lot of comments about whether not certain regions exist in other platforms, such as the Mac OS Deer Hunter 2014, Facebook’s Deer Hunter 2014 and the game for Android. The short answer is no: region nine is unavailable for other platforms at the time of writing. I play exclusively on the iOS platform, where the bulk of the updates are applied: things like rare hunts and holiday events are probably not implemented on the other platforms. In spite of a lack of cloud saving and repetitive nature my experiences with Deer Hunter 2014 have largely been positive, continuing to provide some amusement even five months after I picked it up.

10 responses to “Deer Hunter 2014: Klondike Yukon and the Zambezi River

  1. Bruce White March 4, 2014 at 05:46

    It would b cool I think if we could sell back the guns we no longer use. I probably have 10 or more guns that r of no use any longer. And how come no bow & arrow? Or crossbow? How come they can’t develop regions ahead of time? Have like 10 regions ready to go and have another 10 ready for when u complete those. Have a few bumps and wringles along the way to increase difficulty.


    • infinitezenith March 4, 2014 at 23:10

      I would love the inclusion of a compound bow or crossbow 🙂 One idea would be to add challenges like “Stealth Hunts”, where the goal would be to get so many kills of a certain type without startling the animals. Of course, they do have “Sportsman” challenges right now, which needs certain weapons to participate in and unlock unique wepons. I just beat one today and got a region 10 shotgun.

      As for the number of regions, I think they had them ready ahead of time and are releasing them slowly so people keep playing: I have some experience in the iOS design process, and this is one way to keep people going (even if it means longer waits).


  2. djradnad March 22, 2014 at 18:52

    haha, pretty funny reading these comments just 2 weeks later.. there are now bows and crossbows for steath hunts, a new unlockable hidden region and i found this page trying to find out how to unlock the region 10 shotgun… I still havent even unnlocked region 8 though, and the onnly event i ever saw was a pistol event that i failed to complete because it required me to spend gold on a pistol, and i gave up on watching ads…. if every 5 levels could give 5 gold or something i would really apreciate that… also when I did a hunt to unlock a timed rare hunts I accidently used a rare call in the 2 seconds it took for the last 8hrs to be suubtracted, so be patient on that.


    • infinitezenith March 22, 2014 at 22:07

      I was quite surprised to hear that. The fact that bows and stealth hunts were included in this update not long after these suggestions were posed here (I haven’t shared it anywhere else!) was quite unexpected. I wouldn’t dismiss the possibility that someone at Glu Games is reading this blog’s content. If that is the case, thanks, Glu Games 🙂

      The region 10 shotgun was unlocked by completing a special series of region 8 assault rifle hunts, which had 60 missions. As you noted, the rifle required cost gold to purchase, and I was fortunate enough to be offered a one-time deal that slashed its price down to 120 gold. I should stress that I didn’t spend a penny for gold.

      Lastly, I appreciate the advice for the rare hunts. Once I finish the lost region, I will have a few screenshots of that here, too. I’ve already accumulated 32 platinum coins now. Happy Deer Hunting 🙂


  3. Ismael November 25, 2014 at 05:16

    In weapon sreen, a bow costs more gold coins than silver coins. You see any logic in that?


  4. Ryan Meyer February 22, 2015 at 21:56

    Please add what wep req are for trophy hunt animals.
    I am currently at region 6 and keep killing last trophy hunt (Big Ben) for just shy of $5k per hunt with a brain shot so I can get cash quickly to save up for best gun. I currently have Clayton Rebel
    1066 power, x54 Zoom, 99.2% Stability, 5 round capacity, 7 sec infrared and wondering if I should advance to region 7 or 8 and farm cash on Spike Gore or El Grande instead of Big Ben?


    • infinitezenith February 22, 2015 at 22:11

      The requirements aren’t difficult, and I’m not adding them to the page, since they’re given in-game: every weapon in the rifle category has a region. The weapon is useful up to and including that region, assuming it is fully upgraded for stability, power and optic zoom. All of the rifles have eight levels of updates for the components.

      On that note, I recommend farming for weapons two levels above. So, once you beat region six, save for a region eight rifle and max it out, then beat region eight, save for a region ten rifle, and so on. It’s possible, but not practical to farm for the higher level weapons earlier on because of the lower amount of money earned from completing hunts. Saving for weapons two levels above is the optimal means of balancing things out.


  5. mark bolin August 14, 2015 at 03:21

    why is the prize money in level 22 lower than level 21?


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