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Infinite Stratos OVA Reflection- A sextet yearns to be in love

On a hot day of summer vacation, Charlotte’s plan to spend time alone with Ichika at his house is somewhat ruined when Cecilia gets the same idea, later followed by Houki, Lingyin and Laura. They spend the afternoon playing games and cooking. The next day, Houki helps out at a summer festival being held at her family’s shrine and is surprised when Ichika shows up. Her time alone with Ichika, though, is soon ruined by the appearance of Ran Gotanda, who momentarily has been separated by her brother Dan Gotanda. Later, Houki attempts to confess her feelings to Ichika, but is instead drowned out by the fireworks.

  • If one has five applications lined up for five equally good opportunities in career, scholarships or education, and all of them succeed, then, assuming that one is only permitted to hold one at a time, the decision would be to pick the one with one or two unique points that make it more meaningful than the others. Of course, this analogy doesn’t hold up so well in Infinite Stratos, since Ichika’s tendencies means he would miss the acceptance deadlines.

  • My place usually doesn’t see that many visitors, so I don’t have any in-house activities planned for this number of non-family guests. Of course, if everyone were to bring a laptop, I could probably host League of Legends or Team Fortress 2 matches, since I have a powerful router, or the guests could watch movies in HD, surround-sound glory. A better option would be to walk around the local pathways: all other hang-out spots require a car or city transit to reach.

  • Now that Infinite Stratos is over, I doubt I’d draw a substantial amount of flak for voicing my preferences: I think Houki’s elemental fire is the best counterbalance of Ichika’s elemental water in terms of personality. The two seem to compliment the other nicely as far as a couple goes.

  • I’m not even sure what Laura conjured up here, although the girls’ cooking does bring to mind Pro at Cooking, a spinoff of Pure Pwnage. During season two, there was an episode that featured all of the girls trying to teach Cecelia how to cook, with hilarious results. An Infinite Stratos variant of Pro at Cooking could be an interesting possibility given the setup, although I know that if Ichika is hosting, he would definitely not abuse the assistants as Dave does in his show.

  • After Houki, Rin and Charlotte tie for second place with respect to compatibility with Ichika. I can’t quite put into words why I believe this is the case, but given what we’ve seen in the TV series, this is just a feeling that I get from observing Ichika’s interactions with them throughout the series.

  • Charlotte and Laura develop a closer friendship come the second season, but the second season fails to explore the IS themselves further and the implications their universe brings. If a nation or organisation were to develop technology like this, regardless of how much of a genius Tabane is, a superpower could eventually work things out and find a way to counteract the IS.

  • This scene feels like it’s taken straight out of a visual novel with its colour and setup. Now, if there is a third season to Infinite Stratos, would I follow it? This time, I will probably wait until three episodes have aired, watch those, and then decide whether or not things will progress (both with Ichika’s decision to date one of the girls and the more technical details around the IS ): if things seem deadlocked in a status quo and won’t break out, I’ll probably leave the series alone.

  • I included this image just so I could complain about how they disabled the steam layer in my copy of the OVA, which makes me immensely grateful to the fact that I’m wise to their game and will only watch OVAs where I am assured some privacy. Part of the reason why Houki is a fun character (from my eyes) is the fact that she shares a voice actor with K-On!‘s Mio Akiyama, so I can’t help but get Mio Akiyama vibes whenever I hear her speak. Moreover, like Mio, Houki is probably the hottest of the cast in their respective series.

  • A while back, I heard there was some some sort of controversy surrounding the release of the light novels: I’m not quite sure whether or not that has been resolved yet. Before I go ahead and decide whether or not season three should be on my watch-list, I should take a look at the light novels and ascertain as to what is likely to happen in season three.

  • Houki’s love confession is shut down by fireworks during the summer festival, but after an episode of trying to find time to spend with Ichika, I’d say she’s succeeded, although knowing what happens in  Infinite Stratos² does tend to dampen things a little. Despite a weaker showing from  Infinite Stratos², it seems like there will be an OVA for that, too, due for release somewhere later this year. The fact an OVA is being made suggests the show is doing sufficiently well in Japan. 

I wonder if readers remember my old Infinte Stratos season reflection during the summer? Before all this, before Infinite Stratos²? I had spent much of the summer at the research lab, building a simulation that had different components that could be run over a network. It was late August when I finally got around to watching Infinite Stratos, and the lab was empty for most of the morning and early afternoon. This respite allowed me to watch Infinite Stratos without eliciting questions. Indeed, I found the first season to be highly entertaining: back during 2011, I was about to give it a try, but the lack of mobile suits led me to rage-quit. I decided to give the series another shot during August 2013, and finished the story on short order. However, I skated over the OVA set between seasons one and two, and so, I decided that, for completeness’ sake, I would finish it. Now that I’ve done so, I can conclude that I’ve seen everything there is to see in the anime adaptation of Infinite Stratos. The OVA itself has the same tone and atmospherics as pretty much every OVA I’ve watched over the past few months, being highly laid-back and relaxed compared to their respective series. However, this would be an over-generalisation: in Infinite Stratos, the comedy from the OVA comes from the subtle conflicts arising when Charlotte, Cecelia, Rin, Laura and Houki show up at Ichika’s residence in the hopes of spending more time with him, but the others’ presence preclude this possibility. While this mechanic prevalent throughout the OVA, Ichika and Houki do get a few moments together away from everyone else under the summer festival’s fireworks.

2 responses to “Infinite Stratos OVA Reflection- A sextet yearns to be in love

  1. vimitsu March 23, 2014 at 18:23

    It seems to me that this anime primarily revolves around Ichika’s naivete and the harem mechanics; if Ichika were to choose one of the girls, it would be a different anime, and would attract a different audience.


    • infinitezenith March 23, 2014 at 19:12

      There is a limit to how often the setup can be applied at the forefront before it becomes wearing: if a season three is to happen, if the writers wish to simultaneously keep the status quo about Ichika’s tendencies and advance the story, they will have to do a lot more with the IS themselves. This can be done, of course, but only time will tell as to whether or not we’ll get a little more on the way of world-building next time around…


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