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The First day of June

Teachers need a break too! ^_~ What are you going to do this weekend? Let’s hope your plans make the grade! A+, June

Today is the first day of June: over the past weekend, I’ve been learning C#, reviewing proofs by induction, and spent an inordinate amount of time in Battlefield 3, where I devastated other teams in games where, victory or loss, my KD ratio never dropped below 1.5. Through this rampage, I was able to destroy a vehicle with the repair tool (a conveniently placed radio beacon) and finally unlocked the L85A2 thanks to winning five of eight squad deathmatch games. With almost all of the Upotte! guns unlocked (minus the SG553, a short-barrel variant of the SG550 and the HK G3 battle rifle, which are co-op unlocks), I might make a Upotte! post on this for amusement somewhere before the summer ends. Two weeks have passed since Otafest 2014, but between Unity development and Battlefield 3, I have not succumbed to the infamous post-convention depression, which is characterised by a lack of energy and a desire to be back in a convention atmosphere. Indeed, campus has been quite quiet following Otafest, and once more, the hallways give off an academic air as they have for 362 days of the year. Admittedly, following conventions, there is a sort of melancholy, although there has been much to be engaged in over the past while, and souvenirs remind me of the incredible times to be had at Otafest, including the Angel of Time pin, of which only one hundred exist. This pin is modelled after June-sensei, who was Seph and Aurora’s old instructor from the two’s school days. June-sensei is said to be an excellent instructor with a passion for teaching, and her youthful appearance often leads her to distracting the male students in her class. In spite of this, she’s a bookworm and is unfamiliar with courtship, reading kindness from her male students strictly as a cordial interaction between pupil and instructor.

  • This is what the Angel of Time pin looks like: June-sensei’s mature aura and purple hair lends itself to the pin’s appeal. The actual pin has a brass-gold finish: coupled with the fact that it is the only pin to depict June-sensei, the pin is highly sought after. Naturally, I have no inclination of trading it. I picked up another gold pin through trade, bringing my total up to four (three brass-gold pins and one rose-gold pin).

As the first day of June, I’ve opted to share a story about June-sensei because, unsurprisingly, the angel shares a name with the month, and because June-sensei indicates the depth surrounding Otafest and pin trading; this aspect has raised quite a bit of buzz. In the case of the Angel of Time, the pin was introduced during the Otafest pin-trading party back in January 2014: I first heard about this pin via Otafest’s Facebook page two days after the pin trading party. On Twitter, one of my friends noted that the pin’s rarity was something that others might kill for: on account of this, said friend noted that this was a pin he’d rather not talk about. The Otafest staff subsequently provided only one clue: that it could only be acquired via secret parameters. Paired with my subsequently seeing a design of it at the Otafest Tumblr, I resolved to try and, at the minimum, acquire a silver version of the design at Otafest 2014 (I don’t think any silver versions of the pin actually exist). Of course, the rest is history: after a chance encounter with a member of pin-trading team following the Opening Ceremony, I exchanged a silver pin to pick up the Angel of Time, and I am now a proud owner of one of a hundred pins in existence. Angel of Time represent!

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