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Canada Day and the President’s Stampede BBQ

The weather today topped out at a more modest 27°C (32°C with the humidex), and indeed, at the President’s Stampede BBQ on campus today, the weather was more agreeable than they were a year ago, with a light breeze to cool things down. The BBQ brisket sandwiches and corn on the cob were as delightful as they were last year, accompanied by line dancing performances. Today would close off with a submission of the latest simulation build to the SVN repository, which adds additional keyboard controls, as well as some minor bug fixes that was causing the scenes to be loaded in the incorrect order. The presentation day is not more than four weeks away now; once all of the bugs are eliminated, it’s time to assemble and polish the final model.

  • The forecast for tomorrow predicts a high of 31°C, but it shouldn’t be too bad. Of course, the temperatures mean that there’s a possibility of thundershowers. For their ferocity, thunderstorms bring balance to the atmosphere, and the air is cooler following a storm.

  • Things over the past week have been quite fun: besides enjoying Indian Cuisine and watching How to Train Your Dragon 2 over the weekend, I also built the HGUC Full Armour Unicorn Gundam in Destroy mode. I found myself throughly enjoying the construction, recalling what made the model so enjoyable to build back in 2011. The fact that the psychoframe is a green colour is icing on the cake, and the Unicorn’s overwhelming loadout is a sight to behold.

Yesterday was Canada Day, which saw a day trip to the mountains having an itinerary not dissimilar to a trip I took on the Victoria Day Long Weekend back in 2011. This time, however, I was at the wheel. Traffic on the Trans Canada highway proved to be quite heavy, and I found myself unable to reach the speed limit until I was outside Morley. The weather was beautiful, though, and we made our way to Lake Minnewanka. In 2011, the lake surface was still frozen, although this time, it’s the middle of summer: under blue skies, I spent a few moments skipping stones on the lake while enjoying the cool mountain breeze. The Lake Minnewanka area is also home to Bankhead, a coal mining town that was deserted in 1922 after the operation was no longer profitable. There’s a 1.1 kilometer trail here, and the area is dotted with the foundations of old coal-processing facilities and the rhubarb plants the Chinese immigrant workers planted. Unlike last time, I was able to explore the area in full: this is my first haikyo experience, and the pictures turned out much better than they did last time. Upon completing the hike, we made our way to the Banff townsite for Angus beef and bacon grill burgers. The Canada Day parade followed, but after that, driving back home was a nightmare, with some sections of the Trans Canada highway demanding a speed of 30 km/h owing to the congestion. I took this in stride and saw it as an exercise. That excursion was remarkably fun, and at present, I return to routine. Besides the aforementioned presentation, on the blog side of things, I have the outline for the Knights of Sidonia reflection ready. I also finished Is the Order a Rabbit? today while sipping a green tea yogurt and will write the reflection on short order. Both should be published by no later than Saturday, when the Girls und Panzer OVA is set to premier in Japanese theatres. The BD/DVDs themselves will release twenty days later, and I am certain to have a talk out within days of their release.

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