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Battlefield 4- South China Sea

“Irish is a great guy, but he always gets us into these situations. I dunno…maybe I should say something. It’s tough. A unit member should never overstep what the leader decides. That’s just bad for unit cohesion. But then again, you gotta leave from for conscience, right?” — Clayton “Pac” Pakowski

Recker awakens from a nightmare and makes his way throughout the Valkyrie in search of Pac and Irish. When Recker finally finds Pac, the latter is telling Hannah the directions to the medical bay. Two Marines briefly stop Hannah at the door, but Pac quickly commands them to let her through. Hannah than tries to inspect her husband, but the doctor already with him also stops her. Hannah convinces her to assist, saying she has a medical degree. Recker and Pac continue to find Irish along the way to Garrison. They find Irish giving Chen’s daughter an apple. The trio continue, while Irish and Pac have a conversation regarding Irish’s actions in Shanghai. During their dialogue, an alarm suddenly goes off, and Tombstone rush topside, where they discover the Titan recently attacked and smoking. Captain Garrison summon Tombstone and briefs them of the situation. They are ordered them to investigate the Titan, with Kovic as the squad commander. The objective is the Titan’s voyage recorder, which survived the EMP blast and holds vital intel. Entering through a hole from a Chinese anti-ship missile, Tombstone swims through a flooded area and reach some survivors stuck under the floor in dangerously rising water. Kovic and Irish argue as to leaving or rescuing the sailors, and they reluctantly leave the sailors behind to drown. The team finally reaches the DCC and Recker retrieves voyage recorder. Chinese soldiers enter the DCC, but they are quickly dispatched. The Titan begins breaking up, and in the chaos, Tombstone manages to  commandeer a DV-15 Interceptor and ride back to the Valkyrie, fighting off enemy boats and helicopters along the way. Upon reaching the Valkyrie, they find more Chinese soldiers and repel them to reach Garrison.

  • Tombstone is sent to investigate the USS Titan after it is found damaged by Chinese anti-ship missiles. In the real world, the Chinese DF-21D (CSS-5 Mod-4) anti-ship ballistic missile is the first such missile to have reached initial operating capability as of 2010, although the Chinese report that the missile is not yet operational. Such missiles are said to represent a threat to American carrier forces: even if the missiles do not destroy a carrier, they could potentially inflict mission kills and render the carrier unable to carry out operations. Compared to maintaining a carrier task force for projecting power, the Chinese missiles are comparatively more cost-efficient and intended for self-defense, although other nations claim that the missiles could be used offensively.

  • The Chinese anti-ship missiles reach operational capacity by the time Battlefield 4 takes place in 2020. Kovic will lead this mission, and conflict most with Irish; the latter has a firm belief in never leaving anyone behind and is the most emotionally driven of the group. Here, Recker is swimming through a submerged section of the Titan to reach the Titan’s voyage recorder, and the Frostbite 3 engine shines here, giving the sense of damage the Titan has sustained.

  • The Angry Seas trailer begins here: after Recker gives the voyage recorder to Kovic, Chinese forces under Chang’s command storm the vessel and begin engaging Tombstone under the blue and red lighting. This mission features the P90, U-100 MKS and SPAS-12 as collectibles, although given that I was playing Battlefield 4 under a time limit, I did not make an attempt to find any of the extra weapons.

  • The MP412 REX is the only sidearm I had in the campaign, and typically, I choose to exchange it for a different secondary weapon. As Tombstone continues to engage the Chinese forces, the Titan suddenly begins to split in two. This moment was quite terrifying, and even though I knew that things were scripted, the sheer scale at which destruction was occurring was quite unlike anything I had seen in previous games.

  • I’ve finally got my own screenshots of the scenes from earlier trailers, bringing some sharp 1080p images to this website some eleven months after originally posting about the Angry Seas trailer and Battlefield 4‘s requirements. It is total chaos on the flight deck, and even though I’ve got the capacity to now direct Tombstone towards certain targets, the amount of hot lead filling the air is nothing to sneeze at. The SCAR-H’s smaller ammunition capacity was a liability, even though each bullet hits harder, and soon, I found myself scrounging around for a Chinese rifle.

  • I was hoping to play around with an MGL in Baku, but apparently, that was only in the trailer. However, one of the gadget crates do have them, and after I found the MGL, clearing out the deck suddenly became that much easier. Again, I found myself in awe at just how vivid everything in Battlefield 4 looks, even compared to Battlefield 3. The lighting seems to have seen the most improvement, and things just have a sharper relief.

  • I decided to give the JS-2 personal defense weapon a shot. With a high rate of fire and lower recoil, it’s an effective weapon at closer ranges, and the campaign variant is equipped with a Coyote RDS and flash suppressor. The Coyote seems to be a happy balance between the American Reflex sight and Russian Kobra sight in Battlefield 3, offering the precision afforded by the former, and the minimal obstruction of the peripheries from the latter.

  • The boat trip back to the Valkyrie was several moments of pure enjoyment: the churning seas was a curse and blessing, obstructing other boats but also providing me with cover. The 25mm cannon was more than enough to disable and sink pursuers, but a missile launcher was also included. As I neared the Valkyrie, a gunship shows up, and it took me a few attempts to blow it out of the sky.

  • There’s a crate with various anti-armour and anti-air missiles at around this point, although during the chaos of one moment, I managed to shoot down a chopper with the MGL. I subsequently got a Stinger missile and disabled the other choppers before switching to anti-armour rockets. I wish I had one of those for the Shanghai mission: it certainly would have made it a lot quicker to bring down those tanks.

  • The last section of the mission is set on the Valkyrie as Chinese boarders attempt to overrun the vessel. I alternated between issuing engagement orders and firing on targets for myself. Several helicopters arrive here, and as they remain stationary, making use of an anti-tank rocket is sufficient to bring them down without too much difficulty. This was perhaps one of the missions I enjoyed the most in the campaign, being an excellent combination of foot and vehicle combat. It helps that the graphics are as spectacular as the trailers had shown.

Known as “Angry Seas” in one of the earlier trailers, the South China Sea mission is a pleasantly long ride that takes Recker and Tombstone into a sinking aircraft carrier to retrieve some vital information, then returning to the USS Valkyrie by a heavily armed patrol boat, lighting up everything along the way, and ultimately, driving the Chinese forces off the USS Valkyrie. This mission was remarkably fun; with a fine blend of close-quarters firefights, vehicle combat and anti-air engagements, there are several moments that allow the Frostbite 3 engine to shine. The USS Titan splits in half in a moment of pure chaos, and as I fight my way across the flight deck, debris from wrecked fighter jets and boats are flying around, forming makeshift cover. The boat chase was this mission’s best moment: the seas churn unsteadily, and I have to constantly readjust my aim to sink the pursuers, even as I continue steering the boat back to the Valkyrie. Besides Baku, the South China Sea mission is probably one of my favourites, striking a fine balance between gunfights and vehicle combat. This is where Battlefield 4 shines the brightest, acting as one of the game’s most memorable missions.

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