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Three Year Anniversary!

“If you had started doing anything two weeks ago, by today you would have been two weeks better at it.” —John Mayer

Perhaps it bears testament to just how insane my schedule is when I was not able to even write a short post about how it’s been three years since I started this blog. The official anniversary of this blog is October 17, 2011, but as I spent that time grading Python exercises and working on various assignments, the blog’s anniversary somehow fell from my mind. Curiously enough, today provided a respite from all of that, and as I look back on this blog’s past year, the statistics tell a story of a blog that’s grown. I’m now nearing my 500th post (I think I’ll be seven away with this one), and the traffic here now is around 25 times what it was when I first started three years ago, when I was still an undergraduate student. Posts recall stories of my academic year, some of the projects and challenges I’ve faced, the different things each summer has seen. Even though my schedule is busier than it’s ever been, I’ve managed to find enough time to write here and there. The Infinite Zenith is but one of the countless blogs out there about anime and gaming, intended to provide my insights on anime and games for the readers as much as it is a diary of sorts for myself: when I read through older entries, I recall vividly what was happening when I wrote those posts.

  • In my previous two anniversary posts, I showcased images of well-drawn anime girls in beach attire, but this post is a little more reflective, so I’ve opted to go with slightly different images. When I read through different posts in the archive, I’m reminded of things I did long ago; it’s equivalent to reading a diary, albeit one that I don’t mind showing to the world because it doesn’t hold all of my secrets and talks about things ranging from themes in anime to random tips for pwning shooters.

  • I suppose the images were chosen to represent the scope and scale that the future holds: adventure into the future is simultaneously exciting and frightening, filled with unknown possibility. For the present, though, I return my mind to the present and will hopefully finish my simulation’s prototype before the month is over, then turn my attention to either learning Maya or adding further functionality, depending on my supervisor’s recommendations.

It’s hardly a surprise that blogging is a substantial time commitment, and in spite of my schedule (even now), I’ve managed to continue writing posts. I sometimes wonder if the blog should have another author, but recalling that I write here for my own posterity as much as I do with the intent of exploring anime and games, I think Infinite Zenith will remain a one-man army for the present. While the specifics behind the blog’s future is uncertain, I can say for certain that I will stick around long enough to talk about the upcoming Girls und Panzer Movie (whose release date is still unknown), as well as the Tamayura movies, and Strike Witches OVAs. This past year was an incredible ride for the blog, and although I doubt I’ll be able to blog with the same commitment for the upcoming year, I’ll definitely continue blogging, and inform readers of what the blog’s fate is as it happens. The upcoming year is definitely going to be big, as I (will strive to) get further into my graduate thesis, learning any tool I may need with my fullest effort and, hopefully, turn out another journal publication or conference paper.

2 responses to “Three Year Anniversary!

  1. ninetybeats October 21, 2014 at 01:37

    You’re the one blogger I know that pays very much attention to detail when concerning images;p keep up the good work and I can relate that it sometimes can be tough to find the time to write.


    • infinitezenith October 26, 2014 at 22:30

      I appreciate the feedback. I think I’ve mentioned numerous times that “my posting frequency will decline”, and while the trends show that to be true as of late, it seems that I’m still making the time to write in part because it’s a joy to do so. Having a solid blogging community (even if I only participate in it infrequently) also helps, too 🙂


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