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A reflection on the five hundred-post milestone

“The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavour.” —Vince Lombardi

We interrupt the regular programming to note the fact that I’ve finally reached the five hundred posts milestone. This milestone may not seem substantial (and it probably isn’t, in the grand scheme of things), but it is a reminder that I’ve been blogging about anime and games for quite some time. A little bit of statistics follows: let’s assume that, as of today, my blog is 1125 days old (in other words, three years and 30 days, counting the extra leap year during 2012), I’ve averaged around 0.44 posts per day, or a full post every 2.25 days. The average post I write now takes roughly around 110 minutes to complete, and the average post has twenty images. Leaving the quantitative stuff aside, a lot has happened over the past three years: I was writing my MCAT during the blog’s first summer in 2012, finished my undergraduate thesis by the time summer 2013 rolled around, and entered my graduate studies program when summer 2014 had concluded. Three years ago, I remarked that if the blog had lasted a month, it would probably continue on, and though I probably would’ve never thought of this back then, five hundred posts later, it seems that such a prediction was correct.

  • From what I’m reading, most blogs don’t last very long because of the commitment it takes to write them; I suppose that the fact that I’m still here is a mark of my own commitment to the things I enjoy doing. I maintain a similar blog for my research to act as a progress journal of sorts, to keep my supervisor informed of what I’ve been up to and also to provide both myself and others with tutorials on how I got things working so in the future, I don’t forget what stunts I pulled to coax software into playing nice.

I’d like to thank the readers, without whom I probably would not have been motivated to write nearly as frequently. While I do regard this blog as a personal diary of sorts, I am pleased when a reader finds the content here useful, or unique (or both). Some of the more unusual or detailed posts here are still topping the charts as far as interactions and views go, and it is good to see that my particular brand of blogging has been meaningful to even a single reader. Where will I go from here? The answer for that seems to be open to discussion, but I probably will continue blogging as I find time to do so, in the same manner as I’ve done so (on different topics, of course); perhaps I’ll reach the 1000 post mark a few years down the line…now theres a milestone worth talking about!


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