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Gochuumon wa usagi desu ka? Original Soundtrack set for release on December 25, 2014

“Without music, life would be a mistake.” —Friedrich Nietzsche

The last time I did a soundtrack-related post, it was a year-and-a-half ago, and I had just finished Yuyushiki. The soundtrack had been set to come out in the midst of summer, although there was very little fanfare about it. A year later, the slice-of-life anime, Gochuumon wa usagi desu ka?, ended. A calming, relaxing show that fulfilled a similar role as SoniAniNon Non Biyori and TamayuraGochuumon wa usagi desu ka? made use of music to accentuate the mood and feel of the different moments in the anime, and since July, I’ve been wondering whether or not Gochuumon wa usagi desu ka? would ever get a soundtrack. By October, I learnt that the soundtrack would have a release on Christmas Day. It will be a two-disc collection that retails for 3024 JPY (29.44 CAD, thanks to the exchange rates) and is composed by Ruka Kawada, Kaoru Okubo and Yuki Kimura. The music in Gochuumon wa usagi desu ka? is sweet, light-hearted and cheerful, hence my disposition towards it; while some self-proclaimed experts may claim that such pieces take away from a soundtrack, the fact is that the gentle background pieces can do a fantastic job of conveying the characteristics of someone’s everyday life on their own, even without imagery.

Gochuumon wa usagi desu ka OST

  • This is the cover art for the Gochuumon wa usagi desu ka? soundtrack. There’s been no discussions or excitement from anime blogs and forums sites about the soundtrack thus far, reinforcing the seeming general lack of interest in the series (and by extension, its music).

Beyond knowing when the soundtrack will release, I’ve also taken a look at all forty-eight tracks and, as I’ve done with Tari Tari some two years ago, I have translated the titles that I could for easier reading (some songs weren’t translated owing to limitations in my skill). With this much music, I imagine that the tracks will probably be quite short on average, clocking under two-and-a-half minutes per song.

Disc 1

  1. 君のスカート丈に首ったけ (There’s something about your skirt’s length)
  2. Un café, s’il vous plaît (A coffee, please)
  3. 普通の女の子 (Ordinary Girl)
  4. しかたないなぁ〜 (It can’t be helped~)
  5. 私にまかせて! (Leave it to me!)
  6. おいらはペレペレ中毒
  7. やってみよう (Let’s do it)
  8. ハイテンション! (High tension!)
  9. そんな日もあるよね (I’m also thinking there’re such days)
  10. ぽかぽかうさぎ日和 (Warm rabbit weather)
  11. 安らかな風に乗る緑の茶葉 〜甘兎へようこそ☆〜 (Welcome to the green tea leaves – sweet rabbit riding a restful wind ☆ ~)
  12. Rabbit’s Polka
  13. おねえちゃん? (Onee-chan?)
  14. ずっと一緒に (Together forever)
  15. Daydream café 〜solo piano ver.〜
  16. おはなしをしよう (Telling a story)
  17. 眩しい季節に (In a dazzling season)
  18. パンのいい香り (The nice smell of bread)
  19. キリマンジャロだね (That’s Kilimanjaro)
  20. ときめくような一杯を (A fluttering cup)
  21. マスターの思い出 (Memories of Master)
  22. 風の香る街角 (Wind’s scent at the street corner)
  23. 夕日の丘 (Sunset Hill)
  24. 小さな手のひら (Small palms)

Disc 2

  1. Eyecatch 〜jump!〜
  2. 青山さんのじじょう (Aoyama’s circumstances)
  3. 対決!! (Showdown!!)
  4. 一目惚れ〜!! (Love at first sight~!!)
  5. お嬢様のたしなみ (The princess’ habits)
  6. イエッサー! (Lize!)
  7. 緊迫!! (Tension)
  8. 誰かいる!? (Somebody?!)
  9. Eyecatch 〜sweet〜
  10. 実はね… (Actually…)
  11. しょぼーん (Depression)
  12. もぉ〜〜〜 (Geez~~~)
  13. 一途な愛 (Steady Love)
  14. 疲れちゃった (Tired)
  15. ぽっぴんジャンプ♪ 〜solo piano ver.〜 (Poppin’ jump)
  16. おじ様は脚が長い
  17. もふもふ天国 (Cuddle heaven)
  18. さみしさひとかけら (Ounce of loneliness)
  19. ティーカップの甘い夢 (Tea cup of sweet dreams)
  20. はりきっていくよ! (Fired up!)
  21. クリスマスの夜に (On Christmas Night)
  22. 大切な宝物 (Precious treasure)
  23. Everlasting Memory 〜悠久の記憶〜
  24. Au revoir!

Somewhere in this listing of music is that gentle, fluffy flute piece that I’m particularly fond of, as well as the more majestic songs that play when scenes in and around the city are shown.There is one question that rests in my mind, and that’s why there was such a time-delay between Gochuumon wa usagi desu ka?‘s end and the soundtrack’s release. During the past few months, I was checking occasionally to see if any news about the soundtrack existed, and even in September, there was nothing. However, the wait seems to have been worthwhile, and now, it’s only a 15-day wait to the soundtrack’s release.

  • Funnily enough, I found out about the soundtrack by means of Twitter, and while I’m not proficient with Japanese, my background means the Kanji are easier to read.

Shows like Gochuumon wa usagi desu ka? and Girls und Panzer have inspired me to try Blue Mountain and Kilimanjaro coffee, as well as Darjeeling and Orange Pekoe teas. I typically do not drink coffee, although at some family gatherings, I will take a cup of Blue Mountain coffee, which has a light, nutty flavour. The teas, I drink while attending Tuesday afternoon tea with the graduate students and faculties, offering a chance to relax in the same manner as do Houkago Tea Time. Over the last term, I tended to drop by briefly, get some tea, listen to (or partake in) the discussions, then leave to either get work done or prepare for tutorials.

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