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Chinese New Year: Year of the Ram

恭禧發財,萬事如意,阳光灿烂, 學習進步, 新年快樂!

I bid my readers Happy Year of the Ram! We’ve come a full spin from last year, and as of today, it’s the Year of the Ram. I’ve celebrated twice already: the first dinner was with timeless classics such as crispy roasted pig and prawns, and the second is was with ginger crab at a banquet with the extended family. Today, as the first day of the Year of the Ram, is the day to give out New Year’s wishes (some of which are given in the quote above, as with last year, if you’re seeing boxes, then all I said was “Have a harmonious 2015!”). Alternatively known as the Goat or Sheep in the Chinese Zodiac, Western media claim that it’s not clear what the exact English moniker is, but for Chinese speakers, the hanji 羊 (Pinyin: yáng) unambiguously refers to horned animals of the Capra genus, agile and hardy mammals that can subsist in rocky terrain with only hardy vegetation. We only have one word for “sheep”, and append a prefix to specifically denote whether we are speaking about goats or sheep. People born under the ram are supposed to be tender, polite, filial, clever, and kind-hearted, but are also insecure; unless they feel loved and admired, they may end up worrying about minute details. Apparently, rams aren’t good at relaxing, either. These descriptors are vague enough to describe most anyone, although curiously enough, they’re not too inaccurate.

  • I had a bit of difficulty finding a suitable image to grace this post, as all of the goat-themed ones felt a little out of place. Thus, I’ve opted to go with a majestic one with Chinese-style architecture and fireworks. Chinese New Year was a little later this year, compared to last year’s January 31, and regular programming will resume after this post: I’ve got a halfway-point talk lined up for Aldnoah.Zero, as well as the after-three for Saekano.

Horoscopes project that the rams’ own projections for 2015 are all over the charts, ranging from less-than-optimistic ones that suggesting that career, finances and relationships are going to be troubling, to the optimistic ones that predict an excellent year for these respective fields. While horoscopes can be amusing to read, I never take too much stock in them because they’ve got no scientific basis. Consequently, the Year of the Ram is merely telling me to continue doing what I’ve always done: direct my best efforts towards accomplishing my goals. With that being said, an exciting year lies ahead, and regardless of what horoscopes predict, it’s up to the individual to make the most of their situation. Owing to my geographical location, there won’t be any fireworks to herald in the Chinese New Year, but there will be Dragon Dances and festivities, as well as an offer for the Queen Elizabeth II graduate scholarship. I’d say the Year of the Ram has started quite nicely, and after this reading week concludes, it’s business as usual; I’ll see about getting translation to work next week, and come up with a rough outline for how my multi-agent term project might work. After that, it’s time to do some literature search on the metabolic and signalling processes in the cell that might be simulated using the framework I’ve already built. For now, though, a few more days of reading week remain: I’ll finish the model of mRNA transport tomorrow and take I’ll take it easy for the weekend…and they say Rams don’t know how to relax!

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