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Girls und Panzer Movie set for release on November 21, 2015

“Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance.” —Samuel Johnson

Earlier today, Girls und Panzer‘s director, Tsutomu Mizushima, has announced that the Girls und Panzer Movie will premier on November 21, 2015. With a run-time of 120 minutes, and ChouCho as the theme song’s performer, these announcements were made at a talk show during the Oarai Spring Festival’s 4th Kairaku Festa at Ooarai, the Ibaraki Prefecture town that served as the model for the anime. The premier date was pushed back to accommodate the film’s new length: Mizushima has vowed to put his best into this movie, and a trailer is going to release somewhere in June. A key visual for the film, bearing Miho standing in front of damaged armour, features the tagline “Take it back”. We recall the Project Management Triangle that I mentioned in my first discussion on Girls und Panzer: in the Project Management Triangle, a general is that only any two can be picked, since a project cannot optimise all three attributes of being minimising the delivery cost, to a high standard and quickly all at once. In Mizushima’s case, he has elected to design something with high quality and cheaply at the expense of delivery time. Girls und Panzer is a fine example of the “pick two” rule, and this is only possible because the series has consistently been of an exemplary quality that surprised anime fans with its story.


  • The text to the right reads “The last battle is here”, so the movie is probably going to be the last Girls und Panzer work we’ll see in a while. The biggest things to look for and anticipate in the movie will be whatever opponents Ooarai will be up against: the film’s thematic elements will be conveyed through the choice of opponent, and this will impact the film’s contribution to the Girls und Panzer franchise as a whole.

The two-hour runtime means that there is much more time to showcase battles and the intermediary scenes. It’s quite possible that the film will open with a training match, and there will be two major matches directly involving Ooarai. In between Ooarai’s campaigns, we may see shorter battle sequences amongst the other schools, as well. The newly-released poster is a marked departure from what one might be expecting, foreshadowing a darker tone relative to the Girls und Panzer TV series. While some speculate that the tone may hint at Ooarai being closed despite their stellar Panzerfahren team and victories, this card has already been played in the TV series. Additionally, Girls und Panzer gains absolutely nothing if it approaches things from the dark, edgy perspective that some are so fond of: this series was successful because of its balance between the relaxed and focused moods, and the movie will succeed for carrying on in this manner. As it stands now, there’s roughly eight months until the Girls und Panzer movie premiers; a November screening will probably translate to a home release in March or April 2016. This is a a period when I will be pushing my graduate thesis to completion, which could mean that my review is delayed until after I give my defense (and knowing this, my usual sources will probably now delay my hopes of getting my copy of this movie in a speedy fashion!). With that being said, I’ll still strive to get a talk out, either as a post constituting one large review with 75 images, or if the necessity demands, maybe even a multi-part talk. The home release is speculated to be in March-April 2016.

2 responses to “Girls und Panzer Movie set for release on November 21, 2015

  1. Erana April 10, 2015 at 11:28

    “While some speculate that the tone may hint at Ooarai being closed…”

    Yeah, I understand they speculating that, because Mizushima has openly stated that the tone wouldn’t be grim and that it would not include dark twists nor anything that “would make fans feel cheated” only twice… also they (the GuP Projekt) have used “bait and switch” fake “grimdark” previews for light, humorous works only five times in a row… of course the fans may speculate it wil be a dark, grim, gritty work of despair and uselesness of previous hardships, that movie poster may TOTALLY mean that. (Excuse me if the level of sarcasm towards those speculating fans seems unapropiate, please; bear in mind that English is not my first language and I don’t actually know how to be MORE sarcastic than that, so it’ll have to suffice).


    • infinitezenith April 10, 2015 at 14:27

      This speculation was made prior to the official word from the creators. I’m strictly with you when I say that the whole notion of dark twists is quite pretentious: a work is not necessarily better because it’s dark. With that being said, fans are quite free to speculate on things as they will. It’s fun to see whose speculation is correct (in good spirits, of course), and of course, it’s also fun when speculation is wildly inaccurate, and we end up enjoying things anyways.


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