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Summer 2015 Anime

We’re about halfway into the Spring 2015 anime season now, and insofar, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the shows I’ve been following thus far. After sitting down to a fantastic dinner of bacon wrapped filet mignon with prawns and a fully-loaded baked potato tonight, I realised that we’re now around halfway into May, and therefore, also halfway into the Spring 2015 season. This far into the game, one must wonder… as the days lengthen and sunshine becomes an increasingly welcome guest in our days, which anime catches mine eye?

  • This is the earliest iteration of the anime chart out there, and typically, I do not update the chart unless something dramatic changes. Clicking on it brings up the full-sized version, and effective as of this preview, I’m going to go back and remove old anime charts more than a year old to conserve on storage space.

There is a single anime that immediately pops out: Non Non Biyori Repeat, which I will be following with great interest. Beyond this, there’s also Sore ga Seiyuu, Charlotte, and Wakaba * Girl, and . From the OVA end of things, the second episode of Tamayura: Graduation Photo will be airing in late August, and an Angel Beats! special. Taifuu no Noruda is a movie that looks quite interesting, as well, although being a movie, it’s likely that I won’t view it until next year, once the home release comes out. Of this list of anime (barring the OVAs), I’ll be blogging about only about Non Non Biyori Repeat and Sore ga Seiyuu as they air. Meanwhile, Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Takakaeri and Charlotte will get final reflections once they conclude. This could change as I revise the list of anime I plan on watching, but at present, I feel that the pleasant summer days would be better spent strolling along the riverside, driving to the mountains for a day trip or enjoying St. Louis-style ribs and chilli cheese fries à la Adam Richman of Man v. Food, hence the projected reduction in blogging.

Non Non Biyori Repeat

The second season of Non Non Biyori follows Hotaru Ichijou and her friendss’ daily lives in Asahigaoka, a remote and peaceful country village in Japan.

  • I’ve been waiting quite some time for this: the first season was an excellent anime that proved quite relaxing to watch, depicting an idyllic life in the countryside free of the pressures and stresses associated with living in urban areas. Non Non Biyori is an adaptation of the manga of the same name, so back in December, I took a look at the later chapters and speculated on what the second season could cover. Even with a rough knowledge of what could happen, animated adaptations have access to audio-visual elements that enhance the different events and moments, so in spite of this a priori knowledge, I’m certain that the second season will entertain and impress. As the only one of two anime I’ll likely blog as episodes are released, Non Non Biyori will follow the same format as Kantai Collection, with a total of five posts (one for the first episode, and one after every third episode subsequently).

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