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Reflection at mid-summer: days under the prairie sun and site awards

This year’s Canada Day was peculiar, if only for the fact that it was during the middle of the week. Instead of travelling a little further out. much of the day was spent in the historical main street of a neighbouring town, which was lined with antique shops, old-time ice cream parlors and even a hotel from the days of the pioneers. It had been overcast when I’d set out, but after enjoying a fried chicken sandwich, the skies had mostly cleared out. The pleasant weather continued today: while not quite as hot as the second of July in previous years, it was still warm today during today’s lunch hour. This year, the sheer magnitude of the attendees meant that I skipped this year’s free Stampede lunch on campus in favour of something a little more practical with respect to time. As I had a meeting with the staff operating our University’s Cave Automatic Virtual Environment (CAVE) afterwards, it would not have been wise to line up for free food in spite of how nice it was today. My project’s old Unity incarnation made a return, and with a few minor adjustments, we got the right eye running in MiddleVR. My goal now is to get it working with the left eye, as well, since virtual reality is meant to be enjoyed in a stereoscopic fashion.

  • This year’s post is graced by a single photograph that is somewhat more modest than last year’s. It’s kind of surprising how quickly time passes: a mere year ago, I was in the midst of building something in Unity, and at present, I’ve fully ported my model to Unreal. I am planning on visiting the Stampede this year with several friends: the lobster corndog is most tempting, and by evening, there will be a fireworks display, as well.

Outside of everyday life, Ninety Beats of Ninety’s Blog had nominated this here blog for the Sunshine Award a ways back, and perhaps attesting to the unpredictability of my own schedule, I had also been nominated for an ABC award a year-and-a-half ago. If memory serves, I was busy with graduate school applications at the time, and by the time summer arrived, I was tasked with building the Giant Walkthrough Brain in Unity. Such a busy schedule naturally precludes an honest effort at fulfilling the award’s criteria. With that being said, I am honoured about both nominations, and at some point in the future, I will complete the awards’ terms. These blog awards are excellent opportunities to raise awareness of other blogs; I will strive to roll these out as pages rather than posts, and optimistically predict that both the ABC and Sunshine awards will be published shortly after I review Hibike! Euphonium and OreGairu Zokui (both posts are in draft stage right now and merely require figure captions for their screenshots).

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