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Enter The Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? Season 2 Comiket 88 PV Trailer

“Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.” —Gloria Steinem

A month after being unveiled at Summer Comiket, the Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka? season two trailer has hit the airwaves. Besides setting the air date as October 10, 2015, it also showcases the opening song for the second season, a few moments from the second season and also unveils the long awaited character Mocha Hoto, who is named after the caffè mocha. As noted previously, each character is named after a café beverage in such a manner as to tell a story about what GochiUsa‘s author feels about each drink; mocha is a hot chocolate with a shot of espresso, so the drink might be seen as a more mature, adult version of hot chocolate. Despite the distinct espresso flavour, the drink remains true to its origins and will taste like a hot chocolate. It will be quite interesting to see how Mocha interacts with the rest of the cast, adding an additional dimension to a highly cathartic anime that will doubtlessly allow new avenues of humour and endearment to be explored.

Screenshots and Commentary

  • I have ten screenshots here down from the thirty I have of the trailer, which came out earlier this morning. Clocking in at just over 120 seconds, that’s a lot of screenshots, so it was necessary to trim things down slightly.

  • As a trailer, it’s quite difficult to get the context of what’s going on here: Chiya and Cocoa appear to be taking a self-portrait. Once the season kicks off, that feeling of being lost soon wears off. The last anime I was anticipating to this level was Gundam 00‘s second season. Watching these, I was anticipating the 00 Gundam’s deployment the most, and also loved the short combat sequences between the A-Laws’ mobile suits and those of a then-unidentified faction’s (revealed to be Katharon).

  • Most of the fight scenes seen in Gundam 00 season two’s trailers are taken from the first three episodes. I imagine that most of the scenes in GochiUsa‘s trailer will also be from the first handful of episodes, most likely two or three. Now,  I know they’re called preview videos, or PVs, in Japan. While this is more intuitive, on this side of the ocean, we call them trailers owing to the fact that previews for upcoming things were originally shown at the tail end of a feature; this practise no longer applies, but the name stuck.

  • I wonder if Maya and Megu will have a more substantial presence during the second season. Suited in their winter uniforms, it is possible that the second season could start out in winter, as this is where the first season ended, and if this is the case, a Christmas episode may not be likely.

  • The trailer shows that numerous elements that made the first season worth watching will make a return. Therefore, I imagine that GochiUsa‘s second season will be quite similar to Hello! Kiniro Mosaic in that, though it can be watched immediately without requiring some background from the first season, but would be more enjoyable if one did have some familiarity with the characters.

  • Conversely, Non Non Biyori Repeat remained quite accessible to first-time viewers because it is able to capitalise on a diverse range of moments to bring out each character’s personality, so even though some viewers may not have watched season one, things remain easy enough to follow.

  • The presence of snow on the ground, coupled with the winter attire, serves to corroborate the notion that the first few episodes will likely continue on from the first season. Regardless of whether or not there will be another Christmas episode (given that this time around, the anime will likely end near Christmas), I cannot wait to see what adventures Cocoa and the others will have.

  • It’s likely, and logical, to imagine that the characters’ personalities will remain largely unchanged from what we’re used to following the first season, but giving the characters subtle differences could also imply growth. Any dramatic changes, such as a more dangerous, even sexier-looking Chiya, would probably be applied as a comedic device.

  • Reminding me greatly of Angel Beats!‘ Kaede Tachibana (Tenshi), Chino is one of my favourite characters, for she represents how an ordinary person might react to Cocoa’s antics. Throughout GochiUsa, her attitudes toward Cocoa ranges from irritation to concern and even jealousy at times.

  • This is the moment that everyone’s been waiting for: to see Mocha in animated form. Cocoa’s older sister, the manga devotes a fair bit of time to her arrival and introduction. Logic would dictate that she appear after episode two, as the first episode would need to be dedicated towards setting up the environment and atmosphere for GochiUsa such that audiences know (or is reminded of) what life is like prior to Mocha’s arrival.

While GochiUsa might seem to be yet another addition to the seemingly-tired line of “cute girls doing cute things” subgenre of anime, it’s also been remarkably well-received in most echelons of the community. Most individuals I’ve heard from cite this as an anime where each episode is able to relax them, and that this is one of the most-anticipated anime of the upcoming Fall 2015 season. This means that expectations are fairly high, but the trailer illustrates that the old cast are reprising their roles from the first season (was there any doubt?). As well, the atmosphere in and around the town where GochiUsa is set remains as gentle as it had been in the first season, feeling as inviting and warm as it did previously. Consequently, though the authors at some larger anime blogs might disagree, GochiUsa is an anime meritorious of being regarded with high expectations:

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