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Crisis 3- A First Look

“I saw a glimpse of what’s coming and there was nothing left of me to stop it. When the greatest combat machine fails…what do we do then? What do I do?!”—Prophet

Back in September, a chance sale saw Crysis 3 go on sale for ten dollars, and while this wasn’t quite as good as the Crysis 2 sale two years ago, I decided that it was high time to see if my my aging enthusiast rig could handle Crysis 3. Thus, after a glorious Thanksgiving dinner, I played my way through the first mission of Crysis 3. The settings are capped at high, and I’m averaging around 40-50 FPS on high settings, so my powerful PC is indeed capable of playing the game smoothly, sufficiently for me to sneak around with the Predator Bow and perform awesome ranged stealth kills on CELL soldiers. Set twenty-four years after Crysis 2, Crysis 3 follows Prophet as he’s being transferred to a CELL skinning facility such that the Ceph genetic data in his nanosuit can be recovered. However, he’s saved by a resistance force, which Psycho is a part of. In the twenty-four years, CELL developed a free energy source and used this to enslave those who could not pay for it. Over this time period, they’ve constricted a Nanodome over the remains of New York, and one mission in, it’s almost time to enter the Nanodome after fighting through the CELL holding area.

Screenshots and Commentary

  • An average FPS of 40-50 is more than acceptable, so thus begins my journey into a title that was released two-and-a-half years ago. By a curious turn of fate, two years ago, when I picked up Crysis 2, it also happened to be Thanksgiving, and I had taken a long stroll outside in the parks surrounding my area.

  • The Hammer pistol is the first weapon Prophet picks up: despite being a mere sidearm, it is not to be underestimated, as each shot hits quite hard. In the twenty-four years that have passed since Crysis 2, Alcatraz has become Prophet. The story in Crysis since the original has been somewhat crazy, but I’m here for the awesome graphics and weapons.

  • With that being said, Psycho is kind enough to explain what’s changed during the time skip, detailing how the CELL came to power. Like Crysis 2, the first automatic weapon I found was a SCARAB. Relatively weak compared to my preferred weapon, the SCAR, it’s nonetheless a good weapon for stealth when the suppressor is installed.

  • While Prophet is not initially receptive of the Predator Bow, it’s quickly become my favourite weapon in the first 40 minutes I’ve played. Incredibly powerful and adaptable, it’s the ultimate asset for stealthy gameplay.

  • Two years ago, I played through Crysis 2 and reminisced about Summer 2011, when I went to New York. At present day, I’m playing through Crysis 3 and reminiscing about Thanksgiving 2013, when I played Crysis 2. I’ve come to greatly enjoy the Thanksgiving long weekend: the weather was pleasant, so I went for a hike in the nearby park and took in the golden leaves on the aspen groves.

  • This year’s dinner consisted of a succulent herb-garnished turkey that was juicy on account of a new cooking technique, stuffing seasoned with parsley, shrimp cocktail, honey glazed asparagus and baby carrots, and a three-cheese baked potato. Besides Thanksgiving dinner itself, the leftover turkey has numerous uses: we usually make turkey congee for lunch on Thanksgiving Day itself and eat the meat straight off the bones. It’s absolutely delicious.

  • About halfway through this part, I ran out of energy for my cloak, alerting a group of CELL soldiers to my presence. A chain gun-equipped scout helicopter began assaulting my position, as well, and I was lacking anti-air munitions. My solution? Swap over to the explosive bolts on the Predator Bow, and two well-placed shots later, the helicopter was no longer a problem.

  • The SCAR was my favourite weapon in Crysis 2: it had a reasonable rate of fire, dealt good damage and ammunition to it was quite common. It could equip the reflex sight and assault scope, making it effective at medium to long ranges. Like Crysis 2, the weapons in Crysis 3 handle very well and feel powerful.

  • Crysis 3 is a comparatively short shooter, with only seven missions in total. Each mission does seem to last anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour if stealth is employed (or if one is dying to swarms of enemies). However, if we treat Crysis 3 as a movie, then from a value perspective, the title is worth ten dollars.

  • I’ve found an ACOG SCAR, meaning I get to add the assault scope to my collection of attachments for the SCAR. One of the best features throughout the entire Crysis franchise is the ability to change up weapon attachments on the fly and adapt to any situation one might encounter.

Crisis 3 feels significantly smoother than Crysis 2 with respect to combat and movement, even though the technical requirements are much steeper, attesting to some of the improvements. Beyond this, having the Predator Bow and its ranged stealth capabilities add a new dimension to being stealthy. From a graphics perspective, Crysis 3 looks fantastic: environments are photorealistic, and it seems the game uses particle systems much more liberally to create incredibly detailed weather effects. Even on merely “high” settings, the improvements over Crysis 2 are noticeable. I’m most excited to see the Liberty Dome’s interior for myself, but for the present, a coincidence meant that the Star Wars Battlefront open beta was running concurrently with the Thanksgiving long weekend, so I’m going to try and get some screenshots of the gameplay with my newly unlocked blasters, and hopefully have an opportunity to play as Darth Vader, before the open beta ends. Once the beta ends, I’ll finish Call of Duty: Black Ops and then continue on with Crysis 3.

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