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A Date With Nagisa Furukawa of CLANNAD as a Thought Experiment

“According to the Myers Briggs test apparently only 4% of the population got my result. Making it harder to find people I can “let inside” or truly feel connected with. It’s just a test but it often feels that way…” —Ab imo pectore

Having taken a look at the distributions, my personality type stands as one of the most common, with an estimated thirteen percent of all folks having it. The story behind my Meyers-Briggs test is simple enough: I was asked to do it as a part of a team-building exercise for work, and unsurprisingly, ended up with ISTJ. Known as the “Guardian”, individuals of this personality type are fiercely adherent to facts and rules, working hard to complete tasks delegated to them. Honest, direct and dutiful, ISTJs also tend to have a talent stack, excelling at nothing in particular, but possess reasonable competence in a range of different areas. They also can be unyielding and blunt, as well as less willing to deal with spontaneity than people with a different personality type. That captures my essence very succinctly, and it also leads me to wonder how I am projected to get along with different personality types, especially considering that in practise, I generally get along with most people in a professional sense. Describing my professional interactions would be too dull to warrant a post, but what if we added some flair to things? For this discussion, then, I will take a look at aspects of my own personality and use those facets to determine just how well I would get along with someone like Nagisa Furukawa, whose personality is considered either ISFJ or INFP.

  • While I cannot truthfully say that Valentine’s Day is my favourite holiday of the year (that belongs to Thanksgiving and Christmas), I remain largely neutral about the event. Consider this: it is a bit disheartening to have no one special to celebrate it with (-1), but on the other hand, it means I can save a small amount of money and direct it to either my savings or spend it on something for myself (+1). With that being said, for those of my readers who are in a relationship, I wish for you a Happy Valentines’ Day, and for the readers like myself, I offer a Happy Singles Awareness Day!

The “Defender”, ISFJs are supportive, reliable and loyal (incidentally, the same things I would look for in a relationship), but can also be rather shy, find it tricky to express how they feel and can overburden themselves with challenges as they try to help those around them. These attributes describe Nagisa well, but she also has some elements of the INFP personality type: she’s driven by her sense of optimism, making the most of every situation, values harmony and holds a strong sense of creativity that allows her to resurrect the drama club and bring her dreams to life with a performance of Girl in the Illusionary World. Similarly, she does take some things personally, blaming herself for causing her parents to give up their dreams of being in theatre. For this discussion, we assume that Nagisa is an INFP: her creativeness in expressing herself in the play she likes and the Great Dango Family, coupled with her general desire to wish for everyone’s happiness and her response to learning about her parents’ past means that she can fit into this category. In general, an ISTJ and INFP relationship could function with effort and some compromise, although some folks say that such a relationship would be remarkably difficult, so this post aims to put that to the test, using the personalities as a starting point, and then determining whether or not someone with traits similar Nagisa’s is someone that I can appreciate as time passes, and we know one another better.

We suppose that Nagisa is an INFP, a personality type with a four percent frequency: the ISFJ personality, while one I am fond of, would not offer much in the way of interesting discussion. My ISTJ and Nagisa’s INFP means only one of our traits overlap: we’re both introverted — we would understand and appreciate the value of quiet time and share moments with a small group of close friends. I can hold interesting conversations about different topics, so if the right topics are available, fun conversations can be had. However, there’s always the possibility that there isn’t enough communications between the two. I’m not very good with subtle hints (scuttlebutt has it that I accidentally rejected some people without saying a word because I missed their messages) and typically, need to be hit over the head, as it were, to know how someone is feeling. My sensing component will find newfound perspective from Nagisa’s imaginative thinking, and at the same time, my practicality balances her tendency to go off into her own world. While projected to offer some challenges in conversation, I am a touch more imaginative than the average ISTJ, so I could follow her flights of fancy in a conversation.

Next up is my thinking to her feeling: warm and compassionate, one of the things that stand out about Nagisa was this side of her personality. She genuinely cares about those around her and supports them as best as she can, standing against my usual no-nonsense “let’s get it done” approach. These two opposite traits complement one another nicely, allowing for decisions to be made with a balance between compassion and reason. However, my way of speaking is very blunt: I call things as I see them, and could inadvertently hurt Nagisa, while she’s unlikely to speak her mind. I’m not good with subtleties, so miscommunications could arise. To make things work, I’ll need to be more sensitive, be more attuned to things and pick things up on my own, while Nagisa would find it useful to be a little more direct. The most interesting set of attributes to consider will be judging-perceiving: I’m very fond of schedules and well-designed plans, allowing for freedom and the unexpected only if some semblance of a plan exists. Spontaneity does not typically fly with me: I’ll turn down hanging out with friends if informed about it less than a day in advance, for instance, since that time was blocked off for something else. Similarly, my penchant to be organised can come across as overbearing for INFPs. Fortunately, while coming across as rigid, I am more adaptive than the typical ISTJ; I appreciate spontaneity if it falls within a plan. With an open mind, judges and perceivers can get along — the perceivers can bring a breath of fresh air into the judge’s life, while the judge can help a perceiver become more organised. On the whole, while the personality differences between a ISTJ and INFP would initially cause some conflicts, over time, I imagine that they could reach a compromise and find themselves in a happy relationship, truly connecting with one another.


  • I have a special announcement to make with this post: CLANNAD is nearing its ten-year anniversary, and so, I will be doing posts on CLANNAD once the ten-year mark passes. Because there are a large number of episodes in CLANNAD, doing episodic reviews will be impractical. Instead, I will drop by on the date where an arc ends to take a look at the events and contributions of that particular arc in the context of the whole story.

So, supposing that both partners open-minded enough to make things work, the final realm that this discussion will explore what kind of first date might be suitable for an ISTJ-INFP couple: without it, this post simply wouldn’t live up to its title. Before we begin, I profess that I am not nearly familiar enough with Japan to properly consider organising anything resembling a date there, so we will suppose that I’m running home field advantage. Further, we suppose that language barriers are not a concern. Looking off the idea that Nagisa and I are both introverts, I think that Calgary’s Shakespeare in the Park at Prince’s Island park would be a good first date considering her interest in drama. A twenty hectare park on an island, it is located right at the heart of the city and offers an oasis from the hustle and bustle of the core, featuring flower gardens and paths set right underneath the cityscape of Calgary’s central financial district. The choice of something like Shakespeare in the Park is motivated by Nagisa’s love for the stage and drama. To be able to visit a performance of an old classic under the summer sun would provide a calm setting for enjoying a Shakespearean play and consider different perspectives on what things like Hamlet or Romeo and Juliet entail. Such a conversation might be shared following the play’s conclusion at the nearby Café Blanca over a cup of coffee (or tea, since I don’t do well with coffee). This is, of course, just one possibility; ideas for good dates are limitless. I would certainly enjoy an experience like this, but there is a reason why this post is dubbed a thought experiment — it is not actually possible to perform this particular experiment in reality.

8 responses to “A Date With Nagisa Furukawa of CLANNAD as a Thought Experiment

  1. cloudst12 February 14, 2017 at 08:20

    Dating Nagisa Furukawa: A Valentine’s Day Thought Experiment


    Nagisa Furukawa has long been held up as the ideal “waifu” in the anime community. Though there may be detractors among CLANNAD fans with some fans calling her a cockroach, probably in reference to her antennae hair (TVTropes, 2017), there is little doubt that there is a larger number of fans who would definitely hail her as the ideal girl to bring home.

    In conjunction with Valentine’s day, the authors of this paper have decided to put forward an interesting conjecture. How would a date with Nagisa Furukawa work out based on personality traits determined by a generic personality test? We have chosen Tomoya Okazaki as a case example.


    An extensive review of the literature was conducted. The databases, Google and TVTropes were used. The keywords included “Personality”, “Nagisa”, “Tomoya”, “Furukawa”, “Okazaki”.

    The inclusion criteria was Internet posts from diehard anime fans.

    The exclusion criteria appropriately included search items which had the term “Your waifu is s***” and similar.


    382,000 results were found. After abstract and full text reading, 3 posts were chosen which had the relevant information.


    We have chosen Tomoya Okazaki as our hypothetical suitor. A brief trip to the Internet says that his personality is ISTP, hence the “Virtuoso”. There are several inferences that can be obtained based on his actions in the series.

    One of Tomoya’s first projects, was to draw dango faces on ordinary dangos so that they would look like the “Big Dango Family” for Nagisa. So that’s a plus, Tomoya making use of his personality’s natural ability to fashion a gift for her is a great use of his talents.

    ISFJ’s have a strong commitment to relationships once they are established (, 2017) . Tomoya was also fortunate in that he was able to elicit this trait in Nagisa when he selflessly helped Nagisa in the saving of the drama club.

    However, the scope of this paper is to evaluate how a proper first date would go between them. As no official “date” in the strictest sense ever occurred between them in the series. We postulate that such an event would be unable to occur due to interference of third parties and unforeseen bouts of illness.

    Despite that, the authors are confident that a Sakura tree lined lane would probably be the most appropriate venue for the date. And that the date would occur awkwardly, but mainly focus on the life happenings of the couple.


    The authors have attempted to evaluate the Nagisa Furukawa date experiment using Tomoya Okazaki as a baseline. The two are a perfect couple and a date would most likely be a simple one along a tree-lined path.

    Author’s declarations

    None, except that the authors are diehard CLANNAD fans.

    Probably would get rejected by the supervisor before it reaches the editors.

    I noticed that you took down this post when I tried to look for it during lunchtime. Probably had some editing to do.

    Cheers to a Happy Singles Awareness Day.

    For me, I’m a INFJ/ENFJ, depending on my mood. So, either the “Advocate” or the “Protagonist” with notable figures like Martin Luther King Jr. on one side and Barack Obama on the other. I swing more towards Introverted nowadays. Had to do a online test to re-check. Though, honestly, I’ve been doing these personality tests on and off since 2013. I notice that high scores in each aspect of the BIG 4 tend to stay constant but borderline scores tend to change depending on your mood and life situation.

    By the way, you should check out the Clannad Side Stories. (Perhaps for this anniversary). May I recommend the first story (Nagisa’s story) and the last story (Ushio’s story).

    Catch you around.


    • infinitezenith February 14, 2017 at 19:15

      I may be done with my schooling, but even though I’m in industry, I’m still game for reading papers and peer review processes. Here, the study would be rejected because it’s incomplete, and the comparison metrics are too rudimentary. The reviewer notes would say that while interesting, the study would need to be a little more comprehensive and use more data 😛

      Jokes notwithstanding, I hope I didn’t waste too much of your time with the prompt that posts such as these can motivate. Tomoya and Nagisa did go on exactly such a date in a CLANNAD OVA, “The Events Of Summer Holidays”, and it’s a simple one that suits both of them. I wanted to see in general what dating an INFP would be like, as that was motivated by the page quote, and used Nagisa to make a tangible picture happen for said date.

      The post was taken down because my iPad formats the date wrong, and tried to publish this to a week ago, which is when I laid down the post’s basic structure and created the entry in WordPress.

      I’m getting old, and single though I may be, I don’t really dislike this holiday as much as I used to, so I’m content to celebrate it in full even without a partner. Knowing there is love and care out there means the world to me.

      For my personality, I’ve done at least six different versions of the test on different days over a different time span, and I get ISTJ every time. I’m very introverted and very judging, while being mostly sensing and thinking. Consistency is something I think of as an asset, but whether or not that informs how I perform on these tests is left as a topic for another day.

      Finally, I’ve noticed that CLANNAD is on sale on Steam right now for 60 percent off. I think that’s a pretty kickass deal. Chances are, I’ll want to beat it first before attempting the side stories, which are also on sale.

      Liked by 1 person

      • cloudst12 February 15, 2017 at 16:12

        I was afraid of that prospect. I guess if I were lucky, I could get into the opinion section of a journal.

        No worries about the time lost, it would’ve gone to another session of single player Civ V anyway. I already have 600 hours clocked in, doubt it would make a difference.

        I don’t remember seeing that episode. Though, that might be motivated by the fact that I used to watch these episodes from YouTube.

        As for relationships, I’ve recently been rejected for the last time by a girl I’ve been chasing for 3 years. But, at least, it’s a fresh start.

        You should definitely try out CLANNAD. Though, I think you might want to have a strategy guide with you to unlock after story. I bought CLANNAD when it first came out, launch price. (Though, I was more shut up and take my money)


        • infinitezenith February 15, 2017 at 16:14

          On second thought, I might have to put CLANNAD on hold even after I buy it: I’m up to my eyeballs in good games right now…between Far Cry 4, a return to Sim City 4, beating the Valkyria Chronicles DLC, and eying TitanFall 2, there’s lots to do 😛

          Liked by 1 person

          • cloudst12 February 15, 2017 at 16:16

            You should play it on a lazy evening. 😛
            It’s very fun to watch Tomoya and Sunohara playing the fool.

            And the VC DLC is hard. The empire soldiers are weaker than you think.


  2. turquoisepaws December 8, 2020 at 10:06

    She is a definite Fi-dom clashing with the group’s values at times such as her decision to drop the Drama Club and give birth to Ushio at home. Her aversion to change screams Se-blindness. Nagisa is the textbook sentimental idealist.


    • turquoisepaws February 9, 2021 at 14:39

      She is INFP alright, Fi is definitely her dominant function. If she were to be an Fe user, she’d consider the emotions around her and adjust to them. Nagisa doesn’t, she does the opposite which is to project how SHE feels onto others without considering them.


  3. turquoisepaws February 22, 2021 at 09:28

    Unlike Madoka, she actually fits Jung’s definition in every single way. Fi can be just as selfless, she’s very self-conscious about her emotional system. Fe is detached from such as it’s completely external. And the Intuitive aspect you described is pretty much obvious Ne in the top 2 functions.


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