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6 responses to “Battlefield 1: In The Name of the Tsar, or Brave Witches in the Frostbite Engine

  1. cheesecake September 14, 2017 at 22:17

    i had this leaflet that says ‘premium pass’ in my battlefield 1 casing. i thought this is the premium pass that will enable the contents. i guess i am wrong.


    • infinitezenith September 14, 2017 at 22:41

      I’m not sure if the offer is still around, but there’s a “Revolution Edition” of Battlefield 1 that includes premium in conjunction with the base game for a lower price. If it’s around and you’re enjoying Battlefield 1 greatly, it could be worthwhile to upgrade 😉

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      • cheesecake September 14, 2017 at 23:27

        i bought my battlefield 1 early. just checked the leaflet and there’s no PSN codes on it. i just wonder initially if it came automatically with it but upon loading the game, the is no new maps.


  2. ernietheracefan September 15, 2017 at 03:17

    I’m chuckled a bit on your BW reference. And you forgot to mention that Sanya’s moniker is The White Lily of Tsaritsyn..

    If St.Petersburg also featured in this DLC, that would be epic and BW vibes could be better if Battlefield returns to WW2 era..


    • infinitezenith September 15, 2017 at 23:18

      I think that for the present, Battlefield 1 and In The Name of the Tsar is what we will have with respect to getting the Brave Witches experience in the Frostbite Engine – while it is certainly true that a WWII game is much more befitting of Brave Witches and Strike Witches (for one, we’d have access to the MG42, which would allow me to run the Nikka loadout), I don’t think that there are any games, already available or releasing in the near future, that will capture the atmospherics with the same level of detail as Battlefield 1. We’ll have to see if the next instalment of Battlefield will enter World War Two.

      As far as Sanya goes, that’s a nickname for her I’ve not heard until now. I suppose there is a bit of disagreement as to whether or not it’s “Stalingrad” or “Tsaritsyn”; in the world of Strike Witches, Stalin never happened, so I would think that yes, Lily of Tsaritsyn would make more sense.

      Finally, if you have Battlefield 1 for PC, perhaps you can add me as a friend. That assignment to kill two planes with any LMG is surprisingly frustrating, and I could use some help.


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