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The Story of One Summer Night and a Confession: Amanchu! Advance First Episode Impressions and Review

“Fun is infinite!” –Futaba and Hikari

During a beautiful summer’s day, Futaba meets up with Hikari, Ai and Makoto. When they arrive at the beach house, they find Kino swamped from the lunch rush and decide to help her. In the quiet moments after, Hikari invites Futaba to scuba dive for the next day, but Futaba decides to help Kino out instead. She arrives to find the beach house empty, and wonders how Hikari would go about making the most of the moment. Meanwhile, after their scuba diving excursion, Hikari enters a hot springs, leaving her swim top in the open. Mortified, she calls her friends for assistance – Futaba arrives to provide a distraction, and Ai retrieves Hikari’s swim top before anything can happen. Hikari decides to have a summer barbecue for the evening, and afterwards, Futaba shares with Hikari her fears about what would happen if they were to separate. Hikari assures Futaba that fun is infinite, encouraging her to simply make the most of the moment and enjoy the present. With this first episode, Amanchu! Advance marks a triumphant return of Amanchu! – the first season was characterised by a superb exploration of the growing friendship between Futaba and Hikari, and how this introduced gradual but profound changes on each. At the opening of the second season, it becomes clear that Futaba’s come to treasure her friendship with Hikari, Ai and Makoto as dearly as she does with Akane and Chizuru, and Amanchu! Advance follow what occurs as Futaba continues to spend time with her friends, as well as what occurs when new individuals are introduced.

With its opening episode, Amanchu! Advance submits to audiences that Futaba is someone who treasures her memories very greatly; the first season illustrated that Futaba was troubled by the prospect of not being able to store all of her photos, and Futaba’s monologues show that she’s very nostalgic. Further to this, once Futaba settles into a new environment, she finds it difficult to entertain the notion of readjusting to a new one; the first season depicted Futaba slowly easing into her new life with Hikari and scuba diving. Having grown accustomed to the energy and adventure that Hikari brings into her life, Futaba becomes worried that these experiences will end should they two ever separate. In conjunction with the addition of new characters into Amanchu!, which will act as the catalyst for pushing Futaba to embrace living in the moment and finding joy in everyday things, I would therefore imagine that Amanchu! Advance‘s main goal will be to present the journey that Futaba and Hikari experience together; their opposite personalities will doubtlessly allow the two to continue learning from one another, especially considering the strength of camaraderie that Futaba and Hikari share (to the tune of both girls openly expressing their feelings as love). These learnings will be set against the backdrop of scuba diving, and consequently, I’m very much looking forwards to seeing what directions that Amanchu! Advance will cover.

Screenshots and Commentary

  • This is why I watch anime – fluffy cumulus clouds rising high into the sky on a summer’s day evokes a sense of adventure, inviting hikes into far-flung forests or lying in an open field as a breeze introduces relief from a comfortably warm summer sun. Summer weather of this sort usually gives me a sense of melancholy; summer is when I would consider to be the most romantic season, and relationships that blossom during the summer in anime are characterised by equal measures of closeness and distance. Of course, being Amanchu!, the melancholy element is absent, leaving only the feeling of infinite possibility that accompanies summer days.

  • The weather of Amanchu! Advance‘s first episode is a world apart from the miserable, dreary and cold, grey weather my area’s experiencing. While it’s remained -10ºC and snowing, at least the weather in Amanchu! Advance is beautiful, and here, Hikari races Futaba to the viewpoint, remarking that she enjoys trying to find fun things to experience in common, everyday activities. It typifies Hikari’s character to live in the present. Here, at the beginning of my journey into Amanchu! Advance, I will note that this first episode post will feature the standard twenty images, and that I will likely continue to write about Amanchu! Advance as I did for Yuru Camp△.

  • Scuba diving is now second nature for Futaba, who spent a majority of Amanchu! easing into the activity and earning her certifications to be able to dive with Hikari and the others. The journey to the destination was meaningful, and the conclusion was a well-deserved one. In my review for the first season, I gave the series a recommendation – it’s an excellent anime and fell short of “strong recommend” only on the basis that Amanchu! moves very slowly, and the chibis might be a bit distracting at times. Anime I give “strong” recommendations to are the cream of the crop: these are the shows that even the most seasoned and perhaps, jaded viewer might enjoy.

  • After hearing some guests speaking about this being their last scuba diving trip for the present, Futaba begins wondering about what would happen once she and Hikari go their separate ways. She helps the guests take a group photograph, and subsequently, the crowds begin thinning. It’s not often that Kino’s beach house is this busy – it’s generally quite quiet in the anime, bringing to mind GochiUsa‘s Rabbit House, which was similarly quiet.

  • Once things settle down at the beach house, Hikari and the others settle down for lunch: Kino’s pork soup and ice cream. After Hikari mentioned making fun in every moment to Futaba, when Hikari invites her to go scuba diving with her and help with a programme she’s teaching, Futaba declines, trying to make her own path and feeling that helping Kino out would be a fun experience in its own right. Futaba’s decision leaves Hikari a touch disappointed.

  • I do not believe that I have any screenshots of Kino, Hikari’s grandmother, up until now: with a laid-back personality, she’s voiced by Kikuko Inoue (Ah! My Goddess!‘s Belldandy, Sanae Furukawa of CLANNAD and Megu’s mother in GochiUsa). I live in a land-locked place, and as such, views such as these are completely unattainable to me except during travels: Cancún was one such destination, and I still remember the mornings where I strolled along the beach and marvelled at the warm, turquoise waters.

  • The last time I wrote about Amanchu!, it was the OVA that I’d long waited to see. It accompanied one of the BD releases and released in March, although circumstances meant that I did not have a chance to watch it until August, after coming home from a hike to the Lake Agnes Teahouse and Beehives in Lake Louise. The uncertainty of OVAs and movies means that I prefer second seasons to shows that I greatly enjoy: having a known schedule makes shows much easier to write for.

  • Hikari’s main shortcoming is that, in living in the moment, she occasionally fails to consider the consequences of her actions. After hopping into a hot bath, Hikari realises that she’d left her swim top slightly out of reach, but before she can retrieve it, some older gentlemen occupy another bath nearby, preventing her from getting out. She finds herself in a bit of a quandary, blushes in the style that is unique to Amanchu!, and then decides to call her friends for assistance. While they’re initially away from their phones, they end up receiving Hikari’s message and immediately move in to help

  • Futaba ends up giving the gentlemen some pork soup to focus their attention away from Hikari. Spending too much time in the hot springs causes blood vessels to dilate, lowering blood pressure and inducing feelings of nausea. By the time Ai and Futaba reach Hikari, reach her, she’s beginning to overheat, and Ai is so focused on getting Hikari out of the water that she forgets Hikari’s got no top, resulting in a hilarious funny face.

  • Hikari cools off with Ai and Futaba by her side, quickly returning to normal after a dangerous situation. Here, I remark that the translations I’ve seen use a colloquial phrase associated with wardrobe malfunctions: Hikari’s original dialogue on her phone reads “SOS ポロリ” (romaji “porori”). This phrase is slang for “slipping out” or “nip slip”, and consequently, the choice of translation ends up being spot on. I further remark that I certainly don’t write with this set of vocabulary because it’s not the sort of things this blog covers, so unless there is another need for it, you won’t be seeing this phrase elsewhere.

  • Evidently, recovery from overheating and the effects of a prolonged stay in warm water is much quicker in anime than it is in reality. After a few moments, the effects have worn off, and Hikari hops up with a new announcement. Prompted by Futaba’s coming to the rescue, Hikari decides to throw a barbecue by way of thanks. Folks wondering why I don’t ever refer to Futaba as “Teko” and Hikari as “Pikari” will be disappointed to learn that it’s because it’s for clarity. As a bit of digression, I note that Pikari (ぴかり) refers to something brilliant, shining, mirroring Hikari’s high-energy presence. Futaba’s nickname stems from Hikari finding her eyebrows to resemble the tenten strokes, so Teko is the combination of te– from the tenten and ko is “girl”.

  • As evening sets in, the girls and their homeroom instructor, Mato, have a fantastic barbecue by the seaside.  Besides the assortment of meats and corn on the cob from Hikari, Ai and Makoto bring shellfish (prawns and scallops). Mato’s brought snow crab, and Kino provides onigiri. Anime such as Amanchu! are why I would suggest to bloggers not to write on an empty stomach, and is actually one of the reasons why I’m so fond of sharing food pictures in some of my anime discussions.

  • Having good food is precisely what is necessary to ward of the miserable winter days, and so, yesterday, while the world remained a dreary grey, I sat down to a home-made fish burger with a side of two kinds of fries, which was delicious and also a sight more colourful than the landscape around town. The weather’s begun warming up slightly, and we’re expected to see more seasonal temperatures soon, but expedite warming from within, we had prime rib with a salt-and-pepper thyme rub, mushroom gravy, loaded mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables. Tender, tasty and warming, it’s the perfect thing for when the weather has remained quite miserable.

  • Futaba and Kino share a conversation: audiences have been aware of Futaba being uncertain of her directions in life until she met Hikari, but Kino reveals that Hikari had a tendency to lose track of things when living in the moment until she’d met Futaba. A strong indicator of the strength of their friendship, both Futaba and Hikari have helped one another grow. There’s a subtle detail in this conversation: Ohime blows through her food and manages to eat some of Aria’s too, but Aria isn’t too bothered by this, and later settles down with Ohime.

  • There’s one another anime that immediately comes to mind when the preparation of and enjoyment of food is depicted to this level of detail, and that’s Yuru Camp△. The sizzling of crab on a grill is a sound for the ears to enjoy, and one can imagine the aroma that the cooking process produces. The cooking process isn’t actually too difficult: the crab legs should be brushed with a thin layer of olive oil, and after the grill is heated, they can be placed around 12 to 15 centimeters from the coals. Crab legs will cook in around four to five minutes, and should be flipped once during cooking.

  • Having eaten their way through the grilled meat, corn, shellfish, crab, pork soup and onigiri, everyone’s feeling the effects of the food wall, although not yet reaching a point where they get the legendary meat sweats. Both are encountered by Adam Richman in Man v. Food: the former is simply a consequence of beginning to fatigue from eating too much, but the “meat sweats” specifically refers to the phenomenon where one begins sweating profusely after eating excessive meat. This arises because proteins take a considerable amount of energy to digest, and the increased energy corresponds with increased heat production, which in turn results in sweating.

  • As their dinner winds down, Futaba receives a message from Chizuru, who shares her evening’s events with Futaba. Having eaten enough to impress the likes of Adam Richman, Futaba squeals in response to Chizuru’s photo of meat on a grill. Chizuru and Akane later call Futaba: it was a pleasant surprise to see Akane and Chizuru again. They’re essentially ARIA‘s Akari and Aika in the real world, sharing their respective voice actresses, and in this moment, some call-outs to ARIA can be seen. The Orange Planet emblem is seen on a pillow, and Akane is holding a Maa doll.

  • Today’s page quote comes from this moment. When Futaba voices her worries to Hikari about the possibility of them parting ways, Hikari reassures Futaba that even if this was to happen, then the only thing to do is to live in the present and make the most of the now. Both Hikari and Futaba represent the extreme ends on a spectrum, and in reality, people will find that they fall on a continuum between the two. I personally am more similar to Futaba; it takes me a bit of a kick to get me out of my comfort zone.

  • Because I’m now familiar with Amanchu!, watching the characters revert to chibi form is no longer a bit of a surprise to me. Hikari and Futaba more or less do a mutual kokuhaku here, although given the nature of Amanchu!, I would tend to believe that these feelings are more strongly tied to mutual trust, respect and the understanding that the two friends complement one another is what draws the two to one another, rather than anything associated with romantic love.

  • With the first episode in the books, I say with confidence that Amanchu! Advance is going to be this season’s Yuru Camp△, fulfilling the role of an anime that puts a smile on my face, helps me relax and also prompts me to take a look back and appreciate the simpler things in life. This is the main reason why I continue to watch slice-of-life anime, and I imagine that others of Amanchu!‘s ilk continue to be produced in Japan primarily because there is a market for shows that help people kick back after a day of hard work.

Right out of the gates, Amanchu! Advance is a visual treat on top of introducing new narrative directions. As the first episode progresses, I was superbly impressed with just how vivid the colours are. The deeply azure skies and verdant landscapes create a contrast of colours that fully and completely capture what a summer properly feels like. Kino’s beach house and its surroundings are rendered immaculately. Lighting is expertly applied to breathe life into the world that Hikari and Futaba live in. All of this comes together to create an unparalleled sense of immersion: Amanchu! Advance is quick to remind audiences that a vast ocean awaiting exploring, the endless summer calm and heartwarming characters of Amanchu! have returned in full force for another season. However, this is a continuation that will explore new directions, and a subtle reminder of this is found in the rather unfortunate and embarrassing situation Hikari finds herself in; audiences are to infer that Amanchu! Advance will be more bold than its predecessor. Amidst the cathartic atmosphere and valuable life lessons depicted, Amanchu! Advance will very much be this season’s equivalent of Yuru Camp△Amanchu! might have a dramatically different setting, premise and art style, but like Yuru Camp△, Amanchu! masterfully utilises dissimilar personalities and the resulting interactions to create stories that calm, warm and induce a sense of ease amongst viewers that entice them to return each week to follow the adventures and learning that Futaba and Hikari partake in.

2 responses to “The Story of One Summer Night and a Confession: Amanchu! Advance First Episode Impressions and Review

  1. ernietheracefan April 8, 2018 at 22:04

    What a good start for Spring anime season. After watching that barbeque party, now I want to see 502nd having a same barbeque party.(much of Georgette’s delight)

    Chizuru’s attempt to make Futaba jelly backfired hilariously..xD

    And we’ll have two Hikaris in S2..


    • infinitezenith April 9, 2018 at 19:15

      A shashlik would definitely be fun to watch, although given the time frames surrounding Brave Witches, I do not imagine that there will be an opportunity to watch this go down unless a second season were to be announced.

      As amusing as Chizuru being salty about Futaba’s party was, what was more enjoyable were the ARIA call outs. I’ve finished ARIA in full now, and I’m glad that I did, since those subtle references are a very nice touch to things.

      Finally, as for Misaki Kotori’s arrival in Amanchu! Advance, if you’ve read the manga, please keep the spoilers down: I do like to be surprised!


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