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About Infinite Zenith

Infinite Zenith evokes in the mind’s eye a vision of the wonders of what lies in the skies directly above us. Following an iOS Developer and their reflections on worthy anime and video games, it is only natural that the integration of moé accompany these thoughts for the sake of aesthetics.

At least, this is what the official description for my original website reads as. The Infinite Zenith was originally created in 2007 so I could host private score servers for Novel Games. However, as my anime and gaming interests diversified, I found that the website would be an excellent tool for providing insightful discussion as to why each unique work was worthwhile. Thus began the modern incarnation of my website. From 2008 onwards, I began writing reviews and experimenting with the website’s layout, eventually settling on the modern design. However, the website was inflexible and focussed on a fixed amount of material. With other materials out there meritorious discussion, I decided the time was right to start a blog, resulting in the one seen here today.

The Infinite Zenith

A quick Google Search reveals that the Infinite Zenith is a curious individual whose interest is diverse. The origins of this name stem from two vessels in the Celebrity Fleet: The Infinity and The Zenith, the former of which was the vessel I boarded many years ago on a journey to the pristine pine forests and tranquil inlets of Alaska’s inside passage. In the context of my website, the Infinite Zenith refers to the Zenith (an astronomical term denoting the point located at a ninety degree angle to the horizon, straight up) that has infinite distance, representing progress and effort towards a goal. For those who are less interested in the origins of the title, it could be said that it was chosen simply because it sounds cool.

This blog was created in October 2011 with the intent of supplementing and complementing my website, as well as present anime news to interested readers. Most anime-related news is not particularly accessible to English speakers, so I aim to remove these constraints and ensure that information is shared by everyone. I also will delve into discussions about anime and games for conversational purposes: as with my website, the articles exist to either explain my justifications for recommending something or else simply present my opinions on a particular matter. The entire point of this blog is the same as that of my website: to present my various thoughts on anime and games with the intent of making it clear as to why something is worthwhile, whether it be a new anime series or the latest strategies in a game.

Here comes the challenge: summarise myself in a few lines. The challenge being that if I did, disgruntled readers would probably try to hunt me down. However, there is such a thing as ambiguity. For instance, I can safely say that I hold an undergraduate degree bioinformatics, a Master’s Degree in computer science, and I’m presently an iOS developer. My anime interests stem back from my high school days when my friends introduced me to anime, and my gaming interests have pretty much been around since I first played Sim City 2000 on a Windows 95 machine. In between the chaos that defines being a student, I watch anime, game and write to relax. Those wishing to raise queries, present criticisms and offer suggestions without the moderation queue can do so at my Facebook Page.

Presently, I have retired postings at the Infinite Zenith website and maintain this WordPress blog exclusively. Aside from being better optimised for search engines, support for mobile editing has made it very simple to go through and fix changes on the fly, or even draft entire posts from an iPad. I will, of course, continue to run the site, although all updates will be found here.

6 responses to “About Infinite Zenith

  1. Moonlitasteria March 10, 2013 at 15:12

    Glad I decided to stop by. Think we have a lot in a common.

    Btw: Like the banner tagline.


  2. Zephuros November 11, 2013 at 00:31

    Heya, nice to meet you 😀 !!
    I’m also an ungrad student who’s currently studying medical-related too xD (which is why I have no one to talk about game/manga/anime IRL ><")
    Thus I'm lurking through the internet finding people, places and forums to talk about my favorite interests, at least we have one in common xD"
    I walked into the world of Japanese sub-culture: Otaku during my 5th grade.. around year 2003 I guess
    my first game was Rockman Zero 3 (GBA), my first manga anime is Digimon and my first manga is Doraemon lols
    I'm glad I met your review about Coppelion while doing google searches! Finally a neutral, reasonable, and very informative review about the series! Thanks xD!


  3. Zephuros November 11, 2013 at 05:00

    And…..heeeey! After lurking around your blog for a while I just noticed that you’re into Gunpla too :D!!!
    I love the Gundams from Zeta, Wing, Seed, 00 and Unicorn series
    still saving up money to buy the last 15 MGs I want xDD
    (you’re pictures are for the models are so nice! wowie @_@)


  4. Allen Fuqua August 3, 2014 at 16:51

    How did you come to be an anime location enthusiast?

    Liked by 1 person

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