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Battlefield: Bad Company 2- A year since the Steam sale

“What do you do, when you’re a person like me, when you’re born to play FPS? There’s just nothing left to do but play FPS.” —FPS_Doug, Pure Pwnage

April 6 last year was a cold, quiet and foggy Saturday. A grey fog hung over the city by morning, obscuring the trees and scenery; I had just finished breakfast and was getting ready to study relational calculus for my database course. Prior to this, I decided to check my iPad for any emails from my group, as we were working on a database assignment at the time. When the email app loaded, there was no communiques, but there was an email from Steam, informing me that Battlefield: Bad Company 2 was on sale for 75 percent off. I had funds left in my Steam Wallet leftover from Christmas, and so, without hesitation, I made the purchase. However, at the time, my Dell XPS 420 and its ATI 2600HD GPU was not enough to run the game, so instead of playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2, I finished studying, spent the afternoon playing DOOM, and then went to a friend’s place for sausage spaghetti, Cards Against Humanity and Scrubs. In retrospect, that was a reasonably good decision: on Sunday, I was rested and, instead of playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2, was fully ready to prepare for my thesis defense on the Friday of April 12.

  • I still remember the first time I was playing Bad Company 2, when I only had the iron sights to the weapons and so, was constantly being killed by other players who already had all the specialisations and weapons unlocked on the virtue of playing longer than I had. However, even with the default weapons, I can still hold my own reasonably well.

  • I usually hesitate to pick up kits from fallen opponents because I will likely die quickly without ever getting to use them, but they do offer a chance to use a loadout completely different to one’s preferred one, and are particularly useful if one is running low on ammunition.

  • This is one of the earliest marksman headshots I’ve taken. If memory serves, my first kill in Bad Company 2 was with the M24 sniper on a conquest match.

  • The M249 became one of my favourite weapons for the medic class, allowing me to lay down a lot of fire. Unlike Battlefield 3, there is no suppression, but being able to fire more rounds at an enemy definitely helps one stay alive.

  • In the beginning, I was terrible with the Engineer, but I eventually killed enough vehicles with the default RPG to unlock the SCAR-L carbine, which I’ve subsequently used to terrorise players many ranks above me.

  • As with Battlefield 3, tanks are a valuable asset, and I fondly remember this match, where I signed in and defeated enough people to unlock the improved warheads package in one round.

  • For a while, I played with the XM8 carbine, but for whatever reason, this gun doesn’t feel like it was as powerful as the SCAR-L.

  • I’ve never gotten the Combat Efficiency ribbon in Battlefield 3 before, but in Battlefield 3, there isn’t a SCAR-L. This weapon is amazing, dealing a good damage and has a longer range compared to the other engineer weapons. Its strongest point is the low recoil, which allows the weapon to be fired on full automatic without introducing unmanageable recoil.

  • I sometimes pick off weapons from downed enemies to try out the guns I haven’t unlocked yet. Here, I’m wielding the MG36, a weapon for the support class that returns to Battlefield 3 in the Back to Karkland expansion. Sporting a built-in red dot sight, the MG36 frees up a specialisation slot for other things.

  • In the beginning, I had a KD ratio of maybe 0.2 every match, being constantly killed by people from across the map. I’ve since gotten better at the game and have helped my team to a few victories.

The thesis defense came and went: I ended up with with an A and, in the blink of an eye, my remaining two exams (databases and statistics) had passed by, as well. It was now May 2013, and the custom computer had finally been designed, built and shipped. With the summer ahead, I now had a powerful PC that could play Bad Company 2, and owing to various circumstances, time to play them. By the time Otafest occurred in May 2013, I was at the “Sangre del Toro” mission in Bad Company 2, and hadn’t touched the multiplayer to any real extent, although I did play a few matches and wound up losing almost all of them. However, thanks to the Steam Summer Sale in July, I ended up purchasing and playing Skyrim. Bad Company 2 fell to the back of my mind, as I had completed and thoroughly enjoyed the campaign. It wasn’t until December that I decided to pick up Bad Company 2 again to see how the game felt in comparison to Battlefield 3, and between then and now, I’ve finally moved from Rank 3 to Rank 11.

  • If I’m going to compare Bad Company 2 to Battlefield 3, there are a few things from each game that I particularly liked and disliked. Bad Company 2 has better sounds and destruction: the Russian team speaks Russian, and the profanity (though amusing) is much lighter. The Frostbite 1.5 engine also allows for more destruction, so I can collapse buildings with heavy tank fire to wipe out any unfortunate occupants.

  • I still need to unlock the red dot sight and 4x optics for the XM8 rifle. Long considered to be one of the most balanced guns in the game, I’ve gone through the entire campaign with the XM8 and one other weapon. For the multiplayer, I’ve found that the red dot sight is more than enough for the ranges I prefer, providing good accuracy without obscuring the screen.

  • During one particularly long match of conquest, I was able to acquire a tank and helped my team score an overwhelming victory in a match lasting 45 minutes. Whether it be Bad Company 2 or Battlefield 3, matches that aren’t death-match tend to last quite a while. They’re slower paced, and require strats for success.

  • I don’t actually have a mic, so I’ve never used voice chat to help coordinate with my teammates. This is most likely why I’d lose: coordinated squads can utterly lay waste to all those who encounter them, from what I’ve heard.

  • However, I cannot help but notice that I’m almost always placed on the losing team and are subsequently forced to fight a losing battle if it is one-sided. In Halo 2, I was able to make crazy comebacks on the virtue of being on the losing team’s side. In fact, my Halo 2 skills were so notorious that I got several servers named after me, and other servers outright banned me from joining.

  • My skills do not transfer to Battlefield as there are no recharging shields, meaning that if I take my ordinary approach, I’d die pretty quickly. It took me a while to adapt, but once I did, I found I was lasting much longer. However, I still enjoy rushing opponents with heavy weapons; as such, even though I’m performing much better now and end up with a good KD ratio in most of my games, I never end up with the Combat Efficiency ribbons or pins because I die quickly.

  • While I realise some may frown on my practises, I play Battlefield (and by extension, all games) for personal amusement. I don’t really mind losing or winning in games and will laugh if I lost in a particularly amusing way (in multiplayer shooters, usually when both my opponent and I kill each other at the exact same time).

  • At the end of the day, Bad Company 2 only cost me five dollars, and I’ve logged 37 hours of game time in Bad Company 2, making this one of the best deals I’ve ever encountered. I would have been quite content to just play the campaign, which was so well done it was worth five dollars, but a strong campaign with a good multiplayer means that Bad Company 2 was probably the best deal I’ve ever gotten, alongside Deus Ex: Human Revolution (for 99 cents).

  • It is satisfying to finally down someone who’s gotten multiple kills on you: I recall my Halo 2 and Halo CE days, when players with unusual, offensive or kawaii names filled servers and griefed other players. It’s quite disappointing to be killed by someone with such names multiple times, but Battlefield  rewards players who finally get their revenge. On an unrelated note, I will begin playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution once May rolls around.

  • After getting a series of successful headshots during one particularly one-sided conquest battle, I decided to give sniping in Battlefield 3 another chance. I was well-rewarded, grabbing some of my first-ever sniper rifle ribbons and getting marksman bonuses for landing headshots at 100 meters.

At present, I only play Bad Company 2‘s multiplayer on occasion, but nonetheless, I find it to be very entertaining, to the same extent as Battlefield 3. The main hassle in the beginning were the classes: I’m used to being able to dispense ammunition as the support class, but in Bad Company 2, the Support class acts as the medic. Similarly, the assault class in Battlefield 3 is the medic, but in Bad Company 2, the assault class resupplies players. These different play styles meant I had to adapt, but that was reasonably easy and as time wore on I found myself to be doing quite well, helping my team capture objectives, defend M-COM stations or leading my squad to victories in death-match (if not to the same extent as I did in Battlefield 3). Of note was the engineering class: whereas in Battlefield 3, I couldn’t get a kill to save my life as an engineer, the SCAR-L for Bad Company 2‘s engineers are such amazing weapons that I can go on kill-streaks with them. At present, I am a little surprised that I didn’t play more of the multiplayer during the summer: despite the fact that the servers are almost always populated by highly skilled players, there is a sort of satisfaction in downing superior players, especially with the SCAR-L.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2- Force Multiplier and Airborne

“That’s an AN-225. Mriya, means dream. It’s an enlarged version of the AN-124. Biggest ever built, can carry 253 tons of equipment. What? I can know stuff!” ―George Gordon Haggard Jr.

Force Multiplier starts right after the scalar weapon detonates: Bad Company starts fighting their way along the Harbor against many elite Russian soldiers. Pushing through several destroyed warehouses and factories, they see that the plane is taking off. Realising that the aircraft cannot be destroyed by the means they possess, they decide to make a dash to the plane through the sewer system, boarding the plane at the last moment.

“Ah, sir, no they’re not, sir. We just blew up that fucking ultimate weapon of theirs. P.S. Invasion cancelled, sir.” ―George Gordon Haggard Jr.

Bad Company storms its way through the plane after the squad acquires weapons in Airborne. When the reach the room containing the Scalar Weapon, they find that it is sealed off. Since they don’t think that they can breach through the barricade to get to the Scalar Weapon without destroying the plane, they decide to head up to the cockpit to try to gain control of the plane and to find Kirilenko. Marlowe and the squad clear out the passenger area of the plane and they reach the cockpit after clearing out the top level of the plane, only to find that it is on autopilot and that there is no sign of Kirilenko, but the latter sends them a message through one of the monitors in the cockpit. The squad agree to try and use explosives to get through the glass barrier. They succeed, and Marlowe destroys the Scalar Weapon. The subsequent explosion tears through the front of the plane, causing it to lose control. As Sarge and Haggard jump out with parachutes, Marlowe asks where Kirilenko is, as his body is nowhere to be found. Just as Sweetwater is about to hand a parachute to Preston, Kirilenko rushes Sweetwater and pushes him out of the plane trying to get the parachute. Realising that he has no other choice, Marlowe jumps out of the plane with the sidearm. In mid-air, Marlowe shoots Kirilenko and Sweetwater hands him his parachute. Upon landing, they realize that they are in a rural area in Texas. General Braidwood’s convoy pulls up and he personally thanks them for destroying the plane and the Scalar Weapon, but regrets to tell them that they must follow him in his HMMWV convoy because the Russians are invading. Despite haggard’s skepticism, Braidwood responds that the Russians are coming in through Alaska.

  • Nearly three months have elapsed since I’ve beaten the campaign, but I’ve only had time recently to make these posts. I realise that for one reason or another, these gaming posts tend to show up on anime news aggregators, which makes little sense, since these are gaming posts. To compensate, I’ll make a post about Yahari Ore no Seishun Rabu Kome wa Machigatteiru, yet another long-titled series that I’ve only just picked up.

  • Players curious to play a shooter with a sewer system done correctly will do well to try out Underhell, a Half-Life 2 mod made by Mxthe: despite being a horror game, it is remarkably well done, though I’ve heard that the game itself can get quite unsettling at times. I have yet to actually get there myself, as I’m still on the prologue (itself supposed to end in a highly disturbing manner).

  • Pure Pwnage’s FPS_Doug maintains that players run faster with a knife, but in Bad Company 2, the player is almost always equipped with a rifle or sidearm, making this (and the first few moments of Operation Aurora) one of the few scenes where the player does have a knife. Fortunately, the knife can be deployed at any time in the game with a press of the melee button for silent kills.

  • Ammunition is exceptionally rare for the first bit of Airborne, so care must be taken to ensure that the rounds do reach their mark.

  • My first recollection of a final fight on a large cargo plane was in Pierce Brosnan’s Die Another Day, but the combat here is decidedly more entertaining. Like Die Another Day, a superweapon is involved.

  • The aircraft here is actually a Antonov An-124 Ruslan, not the Antonov An-225 Mriya that Haggard mentions. Nonetheless, it is quite amusing and indeed, the interactions between Haggard and Sweetwater is precisely what made Bad Company 2 so enjoyable.

  • The room containing the Scalar Weapon can be seen in the distance: this marks the first time in the game where the Scalar Weapon itself is seen. Naturally, clicking on the image brings up the full-sized 1080p version.

  • The walls will crumble, and the chairs will be reduced to a pile of stuffing, filling the screen with debris. This is entertaining, but players should focus on taking out the enemy forces. At close ranges, the USAS-12 reigns supreme in performance, effortlessly downing anything on the other side of the barrel.

  • The pistol is used at key sections in the game: it was used to save McGuire, it is used to destroy the Scalar Weapon, and it is used to down Kirilenko. Despite being overshadowed by the other weapons in almost all of the contexts, it is a reasonable weapon and indeed, it is quite fun to use it in the campaign.

  • I was able to take down Kirilenko before the message showed up. This is going to be the last of my Bad Company 2 posts, and my Crysis posts will be written shortly after, probably after my next anime-related post. After the Crysis posts conclude, I have a special project in mind concerning Sora no Woto. Details will follow in the final Crysis post (just to reward the readers who do take the time to go through my non-anime content and let them know what’s up ahead).

The final two missions to Bad Company 2 are purely focused on the shooting and pass very quickly: with the goal simplified to stopping the Scalar Weapon, all the player has left to do is board the plane and destroy it. Indeed, the mission Airborne is directly reminiscent of the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare mission Mile High Club, although unlike Modern Warfare, Airborne is indeed relevant to the campaign and is far more entertaining, what with all the destruction that occurs should the player find a USAS-12. The game concludes in a most satisfying manner, since Marlowe takes down the primary antagonist in mid-air using a pistol. We compare and contrast this to Battlefield 3, where Sargent Blackburn beats in the face of their antagonist, Solomon, with a brick. The former is naturally far cooler and more satisfying to carry out, whereas in Battlefield 3, the fight seems detached. At the end of the day, Bad Company 2 offers a short but fun campaign characterised by a rowdy but close-knit group of misfits that grow on the players. Watching their comedic interactions gives players the sense that they are a part of that squad, as opposed to the distance one feels from their squads in Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3. I picked up Bad Company 2 for only five dollars during a Steam sale; while the game isn’t a particularly good deal at twenty dollars, five dollars definitely makes things worth while. Of course, Battlefield 4 is coming out on October 29, 2013, and before I purchase it, I will probably decide if it is a game I wish to add to my library. If the campaign is engaging and satisfying, I will probably buy the game for the campaign alone once the price drops. Of course, the ending to Bad Company 2 suggests that there may be a Bad Company 3, although with next to no news about the game’s current status (or whether or not it is even in development), I won’t be able to say any more about it for the time being. 

Battlefield: Bad Company 2- Zero Dark Thirty

“Go? Go where? Home? There won’t be a home! Won’t be anything! Sweetwater…that’s it? I guess you weren’t really cut out for that special ops after all! The shit hits the fan and you want out! Sarge, you just gonna lay down? I see. Fine, I’ll go my fucking self!” – Preston Marlowe

The level starts in a jungle, near an unnamed city. Bravo-Two Charlie moves out towards a city after discovering from a Russian patrol that Kirilenko was in the harbor, passing a supply crate on the right when the Scalar Weapon begins its detonation sequence, making the same noise heard earlier in Operation Aurora. The squad comes up on a group of Militia defending the area, with a shielded KORD emplacement. They engage the enemy soldiers and once they are down, the squad advances through the city, but are ambushed by another shielded HMG and an RPG soldier on a cream-coloured building to the left of the HMG, along with a couple of soldiers on the ground. Marlowe kills them off, and detonates an explosive barrel near the HMG’s house to bring it down. After the squad advances into a marketplace, they fight off an ambush and fall under heavy fire from enemy mortars. The mortar eventually gives up after they reach the canal. After exiting the tunnel, Bad Company find a squad of Russian soldiers waiting to ambush the squad on the other side of the canal. Once they are taken out, the squad crosses the rushing water over the debris cluttering it and advances into the final part of the canal. Upon reaching the end, the Scalar Weapon detonates, obliterating the US and Russian forces by disabling their electronics. Haggard and Sweetwater nearly give up after seeing the power of the weapon, but with Redford’s help, Preston manages to convince them to finish the job, given that they are the only people left to prevent Kirilenko from detonating the Scalar weapon over the US, obliterating the power grid and all forms of communications.

  • The final missions to Battlefield: Bad Company 2 are very short in length and as such, have very few screenshots: I was more interested in shooting down the bad guys and making my way towards the end of the game at this point. The next post will discuss the final two missions in the game, as I don’t have very many pictures for them, either.

  • Having a light machine gun with the same scope as the XM8 is a luxury that couples the large magazine size of the LMG with the functional range of the assault rifle, at the expense of a grenade launcher. However, the enemies are at tight quarters here, and pairing any weapon with a shotgun would be most effective here.

  • Care must be taken to ensure that one doesn’t rush into enemy ambushes: the closed nature of the cityscape means that concealed enemy forces could pin down Marlowe. Instead, use long-range fire and well-thrown grenades to clear the path ahead.

  • The USAS-12 Shotgun is a gas-operated, magazine fed automatic shotgun offering unmatched performance at close ranges and is first found in Snowblind. After beating the campaign, going through earlier missions and equipping this gun via the supply crates is a brilliant means of creating total chaos.

  • Believe it or not, the Type-88 rifle excels in the canals, allowing one to pick off distant forces before they can close in on one’s position. Paired with any assault rifle, the last phase of the mission simply involves shredding anything between Bad Company and the Scalar Weapon, although the outcome of the mission means there isn’t any real rush to reach the end.

The eleventh mission in Bad Company 2 takes place at close quarters; I had enjoyed a homemade burger and oven fries prior to starting this mission on a Sunday afternoon. By this point, I’ve more or less stopped playing the game at my friend’s place, instead, picking the game up from the beginning after acquiring on the Steam Sale. At the time of writing, I’ve played through multiplayer on a few occasions, although the multiplayer is not quite as fun as those of science-fiction shooters like Halo 2 and Tribes: Ascend. Nonetheless, this is a discussion about the single player, so I’ll stick to that. While this is a close-quarters mission, I’ve found that the XM8 and Type-88 still work wonders on this mission, although the close quarters might make a LMG or shotgun with slugs a useful alternative to the Type-88. Zero Dark Thirty is one of the most hectic missions in the game, with near-nonstop combat that emptied my magazines very rapidly.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2- Nobody gets left behind

“I had forgiven everything, until I heard they knew about the weapon. Until then! That’s why this country needs to be erased!” ― James Wyatt

The level starts off just after Flynn’s chopper is hit by a Javelin – which he referenced earlier in Heart of Darkness that they are much harder to dodge than RPGs. Preston sees the compound rolling out the door and he dashes out after it, catching it as he jumps out of the Black Hawk. He opens his parachute and lands in the jungle near Sweetwater who jumped out soon after. Once he meets up with Sweetwater, he engages incoming Militia with an M95 that he found. The Militia tries to mount QLZ-87’s while Sweetwater moves to the next house over. After the soldiers are taken out, a BMD-3 comes in, dropping off more troops. Marlowe grabs C4 and an M2 Carl Gustav and destroys the tank. They then both head out in search of Sarge and Haggard. They eventually meet up and contact Aguire, telling him they have the compound. Aguire tells them to get to him ASAP, but the squad instead searches for Flynn as Haggard rallies everyone to do so. They push through the detention center where Flynn is being held, while freeing three US soldiers that were trapped there as well.

Preston finds Flynn being interrogated by a Militia soldier, who he kills. A second Militiaman then attack him with a Combat Knife and as they struggle, Flynn pulls out a MP-443 Grach and shoots the man off of Marlowe, to which he responds, “I thought you were a pacifist?” Flynn justifies his action, saying, “Sometimes even the Buddha had to kick a little ass.” Haggard gives him some cigarettes, to which he was very pleased for as their friendship. The squad then gets on four Quad Bikes and decide to race – as it was Haggard’s idea – to the chopper base that Flynn said was close by. Once they arrive, they push through the base to a Black Hawk that was on one of the landing pads. Everyone gets in, and they head to Aguire’s position. As they take off, Marlowe mans the minigun, killing the men and destroying the vehicles and helicopters in pursuit of them. Once they reach Aguire, they find out they have been betrayed. Aguire, his name revealed by Sweetwater’s knowledge of Operation Aurora to be James Wyatt, gives the compound to Kirilenko as he wanted revenge against the US because they killed his father. Kirilenko then double-crosses James and shoots him in the back, killing him. Just as he is about to have Bravo-Two killed, Flynn appears and kills Kirilenko’s men. He thanks Haggard for the smokes that he gave him earlier, but is shot down and killed by a Russian wielding an RPG-7, however this provides Bravo 2 with enough distraction to escape, much to Haggard’s sadness over Flynn’s death.

  • The MP-443 Grach is a Russian semi-automatic pistol developed to replace the Makarov PMM. The pistol was designed to be capable of firing over-pressurized versions of the 9x19mm Parabellum cartridge (7N21 and 7N31) which are more capable of piercing armor.  It is the only pistol in the campaign, and players are obliged to use it in a few sections of the game.

  • The pistol has reasonable stopping power and a good magazine, but it is almost always overshadowed by other weapons. During this section of the game, waves of militia will assault Marlowe and Sweetwater’s position. I personally prefer the Type-88 here, owing to its superior firing rate and magazine size.

  • Like Sangre del Toro, Nobody gets left behind is one of the longer missions in the game. The mission’s name is inspired by the slogan of the same name.

  • There are a few sections in this mission where sniper rifles will be useful in clearing out distant targets without them effectively returning fire.

  • I’ve heard there is a M2 recoiless rifle somewhere here that can be used to take down the BMD, although in the heat of the moment, I wasn’t able to find it and resorted to using rifle grenades to take it out.

  • Freeing the three soldiers in the detention facility will provide some firepower, but with pistols, they won’t be particulary effective with respect to offensive capabilities. They are, however, excellent at drawing fire off the player, allowing one to flank the enemy forces.

  • The quad-bike race is a direct take-that against the snowmobile mission from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, with Haggard outright saying that “snowmobiles are for sissies” and mocking the player should they lose the quad bike race to him.

  • While the campaign is short (in fact, there should only be a few more posts about Bad Company 2 before this series of posts concludes), it is nonetheless a fun game and should be played at least twice to ensure all the collectible items and M-COM stations are found. Players may also replay missions with a combination of different weapons and difficulties for the sake of doing so.

  • The FN F2000 is a compact bullpup assault rifle made by the Belgian firearms company FN Herstal. Firing the NATO 5.56 x 45 mm round, this assault rifle is compact and powerful. Having the highest rate of fire and lowest damage per shot, it behaves functionally as an SMG at closer quarters while retaining effectiveness at medium ranges.

  • The guns on the helicopters can be used, even if the helicopters themselves cannot be flown. While providing only a limited field of fire, the firepower is more than sufficient to remove threats to Bad Company. The mission ends as a rail shooter, putting Marlowe in charge of manning the minigun on Flynn’s chopper.

The tenth mission of Bad Company 2, the final aspects of the story come together in this mission, taking Marlowe and company back into the depths of the jungle after the Javelin impact. Bringing back the familiarity of the previous missions, No One Get Lefts Behind is a diverse mission that sees sniper combat, firefights and plenty of vehicular combat. At one point, there are several Russian helicopters on the ground: although Marlowe can enter and make use of the guns, they cannot be flown. The mission, on the whole, sets up for the finale, introducing several plot elements that suddenly ramp up the sense of urgency, and although I’ve encountered a few individuals who said the campaign was disappointing, I personally find things to be rather interesting, especially because the entire plot in Bad Company 2 amounts to taking stabs at how seriously the Call of Duty campaign takes itself. Indeed, the worth in Bad Company 2 lies in how humorous the cast is: by this point in the game, one can relate to the members of Bad Company and their pilot, Flynn. After the latter’s death, an unexpected shock, Haggard reveals that he does indeed care about Flynn. The characters are fun, and believable, emphasising that Bad Company is a team of misfits, albeit highly-skilled ones, reminding players that yes, it’s just a game, and that some days, amusing character exchanges can breathe more life into a game than do serious jargon intended for immersion.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2- Sangre del Toro

“So there I was…on a ship that was supposed to be lost, looking for something that should’ve stayed buried. I had my reasons, we all did: going home. Then I found it… And everything changed.” ― Preston Marlowe

Sangre del Toro starts off with Flynn’s Black Hawk flying in while Redford and Aguire talk about if Kirilenko was dead – with Aguire hoping so – as well why they are in the Atacama Desert. Aguire tells them about the Sangre del Toro and how it was a freighter that went down in 1949 off of the coast of Peru and that it must contain a piece to the Scalar Weapon as the Russians were searching for it. Flynn then finds the squad a ride, as the area has many Russian Su-25’s flying about, by pointing out a CAV being operated by two Russian soldiers. Haggard snipes the gunner off with an M95 and Flynn swoops in front of it to drop the squad off while the driver of the CAV dives out and tries to run off. The squad heads toward a computer station where Sweetwater tells Flynn to register a code, Zero One One Alpha, to find the triangulation stations in the area. Flynn tells them there are three locations and he marks them on the navmap. The squad then heads off to each of the stations. Base Station Alpha, near the lighthouse at the right of the map, has a town filled with snipers and a roadblock along the road. The squad gets out and Preston takes out the snipers as they push toward the lighthouse. Once they reach there, Redford uses the computer to activate the triangulation device, commenting with “Hmm, I knew I should have taken that adult education course… Maybe I’d even know Powerpoint too.” He sticks behind to keep the transmission open while Marlowe, Haggard, and Sweetwater all head to the next two stations.

Base Station Bravo is in the old castle in the middle of the map. The squad heads there and uses a side gate to get in, putting them in a dried up canal below the town inside. They take out multiple hostiles as they push through, with two Hinds dropping in Russian Special Forces troops in the courtyard. After taking them out, the squad moves to the station where more troops come in through using grappling hooks and an Mi-28 Havoc supports them. Once the troops are dead and Marlowe takes out the chopper with the nearby M2 Carl Gustav, Haggard uses the computer to open the next triangulation device. He stays behind to keep it open while Sweetwater and Marlowe head to the last station.

Base Station Charlie is located in the cliffs over to the left on the map. Sweetwater and Marlowe push through as the wind blows sand about, obscuring their vision. They eventually reach another castle, in a worse condition than the last, with more Russians holding the area and two Havocs. Another Hind also comes in to drop off more troops. Once everything is taken out, Sweetwater uses the computer to activate the third device as well as try to look up information on Aguire. He sends Marlowe to another station that has the location of the Sangre del Toro. Marlowe heads off on a Quad Bike to the position.

Once he gets there, he gets the location of the ship and heads toward it through a gorge to keep himself out of view of the MiGs flying overhead. He comes across a container ship with many large containers blocking his way. After getting off and shooting some explosive barrels, the containers create a sort of ramp to get across after being moved by the blast. Marlowe then continues on and reaches the ship. As he approaches it, some Russians on Quad Bikes ambush him. After he kills them, he drops into the ship and searches about for the piece the Russians are looking for. Preston finds some old mission documents detailing Operation Aurora and how the men sent on that mission, including Thomas Wyatt, were on a suicide mission to test the Black Weapon’s power. He then finds what the Russians wanted and sees that it has a code on it, Sierra Foxtrot 1079; this code, to Aguire’s surprise was what he was looking for and Aguire asks if there are any more. He only sees one and Aguire then tells Preston to get out of the ship fast and bring him the compound that Preston found as soon as possible.

  • This is the longest and most open of any of the missions in Bad Company 2, being set in an open desert of sorts. To get between the triangulation points, the CAV is a necessity, and the mounted grenade launcher offers an excellent source of supplementary firepower.

  • This is what one of the triangulation stations look like: after arriving, one of the squad will stay behind to man the station.

  • The combat in this mission varies between long range, medium range and short range: as we are restricted to only two weapons, I typically recommend a weapon with iron sights or a red dot sight, paired with a scoped weapon. Of course, players can get through the entire mission with nothing more than the XM8 rifle for the most part.

  • The mounted TOW launcher makes it extraordinarily easy to take down the enemy Hinds that show up. After firing a round, keeping the reticle on the target will guide the missile to it. A bit of fun trivia: reticle is derived off reticulum, the Latin term for net.

  • Here, I am wielding the AEK-971 was originally intended to be a replacement for the AK-47, designed for the Russian Army’s “Abakan” test trial in the 1980s. Despite failing the Army’s trial, it went on to be produced for Russian police forces and for export. It fires the 5.45x39mm round, fed from a standard 30-round magazine, and is compatible with all magazines used by the AK-74 model.

  • The AEK-971 is the first weapon issued to players using the assault kit in multiplayer: lacking a scope, the recoil is very low for its rate of fire, but is enough to throw off the player’s aim beyond medium range. Using the weapon in short, controlled bursts gives the weapon a high accuracy even at longer ranges.

  • This particular version of the XM8 rifle with the iron sights is best suited for close quarters combat, whereas the scoped version excels at mid-range combat. In the multiplayer, players will have to get comfortable with making longer range shots using only the iron sights or red dot sights.

  • The M2 recoiless rifle makes another return, fulfilling its role as an anti-air weapon. Contrasting shooters like Halo, where rocket launchers are very nearly the ultimate power weapon for engaging both foot units and vehicles, the M2 here carries a charge suited for anti-vehicular combat and is unsuited for taking out groups of infantry.

  • There’s something fun about the M95 rifle, whether it be the incredibly loud firing sound giving the weapon a sense of power, or the chambering animation that occurs after every shot. While the Type 88 is more practical in the campaign, it’s just fun to use this rifle for dropping distant targets. In Battlefield 3, the M82 rifle is used instead: compared to the M95, the M82 is semi-automatic rather than bolt-action like the M95, and has a larger magazine. Moreover, the M82 is said to have a lower recoil compared to the M95.

  • The last phase of the mission involves driving a quad bike around to an abandoned ship. The only shot I needed to fire here was to light the gas barrels on the land-locked freighter ship: the enemies encountered here can be splattered with relative ease or even ignored.

The longest of all the missions in Bad Company 2, Sangre del Toro is also the only mission that allows the player to complete the objectives in any order their wish. The wide, open spaces in the mission mean that the CAV becomes a necessity. As the mission progresses, the members of the squad will stay behind at the different sites to man the triangulation stations: once all of the stations are found, the mission becomes more linear, with Marlowe heading off to the abandoned freighter. This is the only desert mission in the game, although as with the previous missions set in the Andes, it may be a little difficult to see where one is going with all the dust blowing around. The environment at each of the three triangulation points, thankfully marked out on the mini-map, are unique. The castle-like ones feature tight hallways and courtyards that make rifle grenades and shotgun rounds useful, while the abandoned village is best cleared with the trusty Type-88 rifle. Russian Mi-24 Hind and Mi-28 Havocs will plague the squad at one of the castles, but there is a ready supply of M2 recoil-less rifles and even a TOW launcher at one of the castles. These choppers will follow Marlowe around until they are destroyed, making it imperative to take them out as soon as possible. There are two collectible weapons on this mission, the M60 and F2000. I recall playing this mission following Otafest and found myself stuck at the freighter, before realising that the use of explosives would be the only way to clear a path. The remainder of the mission is relatively straightforward, concluding once Marlowe jumps into the abandoned Sangre del Toro and secures the documents. The interior of the ship is deserted, making it unnecessary to obtain a proper close-quartered weapon.