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Dawn to a new day

Morning is an important time of day, because how you spend your morning can often tell you what kind of day you are going to have. For instance, if you wake up to the sound of twittering birds, and find yourself in an enormous canopy bed, with a butler standing next to you hoding a breakfast of freshly made muffins and hand-squeezed orange juice on a silver tray, you will know that your day will be a splendid one.

As per this excerpt from Lemony Snicket’s The Miserable Mill, morning is perhaps the most important part of the day, given that it establishes the mood and context for everything that is to follow. It is also the period of day that the most amount of stuff seems to get done (for people like myself: most people would probably disagree with my claims about the morning), and my past experiences have shown that I enjoy coding and writing papers in the morning.  I also prefer morning exams for similar reasons. However, one’s mood could be spectacular upon seeing a new morning, but doubtlessly, mood alone is insufficient without the proper nourishment. Therefore, if one wakes up bright and early for a full breakfast of sorts on a calm sunny morning, then, as per Snicket’s passage, that day will most likely be a particularly good one.

  • A full breakfast is a substantial breakfast meal, usually consisting of bacon, sausages and eggs, often served with a variety of side dishes and a beverage such as coffee or tea. It is especially popular in the English-speaking nations, such as the British Isles and the United States. Such breakfasts are so-named to differentiate them from the lighter continental breakfasts. These breakfasts are perhaps one of my favourite aspects about vacations: I recall that in Shanghai and Hangzhou, we would wake up to spectacular breakfasts every morning.

  • Canada and the United States has traditionally derived much of their culture from Britain; the breakfasts have remained relatively similar, consisting of eggs, bacon, sausage and accompanied by fried potatoes such as hash browns or home fries. Accompanying the meal might be toasted white, wheat or rye bread, English muffins, bagels, waffles, pancakes, oatmeal, cinnamon rolls, biscuits, fruit or fruit juice and beverages such as coffee or tea. These breakfasts are often referred to as a “country breakfast” “Sunday breakfast,” or a “big breakfast”.

  • This is the Prince of Wales hotel at Waterton Lakes national park by morning.  A lot of people I am acquainted with are not morning people in the sense that they would prefer to sleep during the early hours of the day. I sleep relatively early compared to them, though, so it is possible for me to remain mostly alert during early morning lectures; whereas they awaken by noon, I wear out by noon. Now consider the fact that most of my courses are concentrated in the afternoon…

  • Actually, my solution is to sleep more and break more. Outside of classes, I prefer the world by morning and by evening; in the morning, everything is still fresh and cool, awaiting new starts, while by evening, the air cools after a long day. Above, we have a farmhouse somewhere near the Teton Range.

I hope readers enjoy these occasional, non-anime and non-gaming posts. They’re here because I’m bored and do not wish to discuss solely anime and gaming, which would doubtlessly be rather monotonous. As such, I have a class of posts dedicated to how food and life intertwine; consider that some events are associated with particular dishes in most cultures!