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Crysis- Reckoning

“There’s something up here…something big.” ―Admiral Morrison

On board the USS Constitution, Nomad meets up again with Psycho and is then debriefed by Admiral Richard Morrison who explains that a nuclear strike has been ordered against the ice sphere. Helena warns him that the aliens might absorb the energy, but the Admiral ignores her. Prophet flies a VTOL back to the island against orders. Despite Prophet’s departure, the nuclear missile is launched at the ice sphere. The explosion causes the ice sphere to expand and prompts a massive alien counterattack. Nomad is ordered to repair one of the carrier’s nuclear reactors, damaged during the counterattack. The Nanosuit is resistant to high levels of radiation, although prolonged exposure proves deadly. While Nomad is in the reactor room, Helena sends an experimental signal through Nomad’s suit that causes several alien machines to absorb too much power and overload, destroying them. As Nomad returns to the flight deck, Admiral Morrison is killed and Nomad takes the prototype TAC-Cannon. On the flight deck, Nomad fights an alien exosuit similar to the one that killed Strickland. A massive alien warship then emerges from the sea, and Helena manages to deactivate its shields by sending a signal through Nomad’s Nanosuit. Nomad then uses the TAC-Cannon to destroy the alien warship, which falls on the carrier and begins to sink it. Nomad runs across the flight deck and jumps off the carrier into the waiting VTOL, which is piloted by Psycho. As they fly away, Helena is nearly pulled out of the aircraft by the energy field created by the destroyed alien warship. Psycho then receives a transmission that there is another Carrier Strike Group en route to the island and suggests meeting them. Nomad protests, claiming that since they now know how to defeat the aliens, they need to continue fighting. A transmission from Prophet, who is inside the energy field on the island, is then received. The VTOL is then seen turning around and heading back to the island.

  • I was impressed three years ago by the level of detail found on the USS Constitution when I played Crysis at medium settings. At the highest settings possible, the game simply looks even better.

  • Navigating a real aircraft carrier doubtlessly requires training, skill and an innate familiarity with the vessel’s layout. Fortunately, the Nanosuit is equipped with a mini-map, and this final mission is actually quite linear, so finding Admiral Morrison should be very straightforward. Afterwards, Nomad is directed to the armoury to obtain the information he acquired inside the Alien structure from his Nanosuit.

  • I’ve jumped ahead a ways, after the Admiral receives permission to launch a limited nuclear strike on the island. As is expected, the nuclear strike isn’t particularly useful and causes more trouble for the US fleet, causing the aliens to attack and damage the carrier, causing the flooding seen here. The first time I was here, the movie 2012 was playing upstairs.

  • Stablising the reactor is a simple enough task: rush in with strength mode and push a rod down, then exit the reactor core to allow the Nanosuit to recharge. Helena also establishes here that the Nanosuit can send a signal that disables the aliens: this tidbit will come in useful in a few moments. On my older review, things are written slightly differently; that difference represents the difference between how a first year and a graduate writes. The differences are minor, but I imagine that my current style is a little more polished.

  • The first time I played through Crysis, I didn’t even know the suit had a night vision setting. It’s rather useful when things get really dark, such as in the bowels of the carrier, although there are places where the lighting is sufficient for one to see what is going on without using the night vision.

  • To get back to the flight deck, Nomad must pass through several aircraft hangers below-deck. Players may opt to blast their way through, but naturally, cloaking and sneaking through the hangers undetected is a far simpler solution. Ammunition ranges from scarce to plentiful at different points in the mission, so using cloak is a good means of conserving ammunition. Because the enemies encountered are aliens, the Gauss rifle and shotgun remain an ideal combination.

  • I think that Battlefield 3 looks slightly better with regards to graphics detailing a naval fleet, although the fact that Crysis looks nearly as good (despite being made four years earlier) bears testament to the effort that went into developing the latter.

  • The time has come to obtain the Tactical Assault Cannon: this weapon is a prototype grenade launcher and it fires low-yield nuclear projectiles. It cannot be fired until permission is given later on.

  • Helena’s findings allow Nomad to take down the exosuit: there is an unlimited supply of missile launchers on the Constitution’s deck. Once Helena transmits a signal to deactivate the exosuit’s shields, it is a simple matter of hammering it with missiles until it goes down.

  • Players thinking that the exosuit was the final enemy are mistaken, but forgiven for doing so: the real final boss is the alien warship. Before it can be assaulted, there are four remote turrets that need to be destroyed. Missile launchers can be used to great effect here; players frozen by the beam can break free by rapidly pressing the movement keys to prevent a premature death. After the turrets are downed, Nomad relishes using the TAC: three shells later, the alien warship is defeated, and so ends the last of my Crysis posts. My next major project, as noted earlier, deals with the Anime no Chikara’s Sora no Woto. I have intended, for a very long time, to turn my considerable but hitherto unknown knowledge of Sora no Woto towards pointing out some of the cooler aspects and dispel any misconceptions about the anime: roughly 15 posts are expected. After that is done, I might begin my own talk about Valve’s Half-Life 2, but only time will tell…

Reckoning is the final mission to Crysis and acts as a thrilling conclusion to the game. Of course, I couldn’t help but notice that some of the graphical fidelity had been lost during Ascension, but thankfully, it makes a full return here in the finale. This mission marks the first time I had spent an entire mission on an aircraft carrier; it also has the most cutscenes of any of the missions in Crysis. During the first half of the mission, Nomad is running around between the bridge and armoury, but once things get started, and aliens attack the carrier, players are given what is essentially a virtual tour of a carrier. Players may have been wondering about the alien exosuit from earlier, having had no opportunity to challenge it, but it is in the game’s final moments where one has the satisfaction of destroying it. Even so, the the TAC is not used, foreshadowing an even greater enemy to defeat before the game closes. While the final battle feels like a classic scene from a bullet-hell game, it remains entertaining. Naturally, firing the TAC gun is immensely gratifying. The game itself, however, ends with a hint of there being a sequel: I played the game in March 2010, and Crysis 2 released a year later. At the end of the day, Crysis is an immensely fun journey that represents what graphics technology and high-performance GPUs are capable of: despite having a less-than-stellar story, the fact that Crysis continues to compete with some modern titles as a benchmarking tool reflects on just how innovative the game was back when it was first released in 2007.

Crysis- Exodus and Ascension

“What in the name of General Patton is that fucking thing?” ―Major Strickland

After Nomad and Prophet cross the bridge, they join a convoy set to leave the island and and rescue Helena, whose VTOL has crashed. Prophet leaves with Helena on another VTOL. At the U.S. evacuation point, one of the last VTOLs rescues Nomad from an unstoppable quadrupedal alien exosuit. Just as the exosuit is about to destroy the VTOL, Major Strickland draws its attention by firing at it using a mounted machine gun and the exosuit kills Strickland instead. As they leave the island, the pilot is killed and the engines are damaged.

“Hold on to your hats, gentlemen. Weather forecast: shitstorm.” ―VTOL pilot

Nomad flies the crippled VTOL back to the USS Constitution (CVN-80) carrier strike group while fighting off aliens along the way, providing ground support for the other units, who are leaving as well.

  • The first thing to do after entering the makeshift command centre is to switch off the MOAC and obtain the gauss rifle. The larger alien scouts can be downed with two well-placed shots from the gauss rifle, and the shotgun remains effective against the alien troopers. At the ranges they’ll be encountered, the reflex sight is the best option.

  • The American LTVs mount the 5.80 x 42 mm Chinese machine gun rather than the trusty .50 caliber rounds, but nonetheless remains quite effective against the alien scouts. As per usual, increased accuracy is attained when firing down the sights, and the fact that this weapon will overheat after continuous use means it is wiser to fire in short, controlled bursts.

  • Helena’s VTOL goes down after taking heavy fire from the aliens, and a fracture in the road precludes the possibility of driving the HTVs all the way to the extraction point. It’s time to get out and leg it to Helena first.

  • The anti-air artillery that has plagued the US Forces in earlier missions now becomes a useful tool for providing some serious covering fire while Helena is being rescued. The four auto-cannons have an impressive rate of fire and do not overheat, allowing them to be fired continuously until the target goes down. Surface-to-air missiles may also be used: these have a longer reload time but cause a substantial amount of damage.

  • The alien exosuit is invulnerable: Nomad could empty the AAA’s entire ammunition supply against it and it would continue on its scripted rampage sequence. Once Helena is saved, the best option is to get out of there quickly and reach the extraction point.

  • It’s time to board a VTOL and leave here: because of the exosuit’s shielding, nothing will work against it (even if one has cheats on for ammunition using the console). There is an opportunity to fight it later, but for now, leaving is the better option.

  • The MV-24 VTOL has made numerous appearances in previous missions, dropping supplies and providing transportation for Nomad. However, it isn’t until now that Nomad is given the chance to pilot one. Its poor maneuverability and limited armaments reflect on the fact that the VTOL was designed for transporting soldiers rather than providing heavy firepower. Care must be taken in flying it, lest the VTOL hits the ground and detonates in a spectacular but painful fashion.

  • Despite not being designed for combat, the mounted machine gun and missiles give it enough firepower to shoot down the alien scouts.  The missiles have a limited capacity to home in on their targets: once the target is highlighted in white, fire a missile. It will find the scout and down it. It is imperative to provide cover for the other VTOLs, but a convoy of trucks won’t be savable, so focus on getting to the ocean, where the USS Constitution is.

  • The video card I fielded for this playthrough was intended to be a test of its capabilities, although I daresay that this was hardly a sufficient test. Because it runs Metro: Last Light in high settings, and as mentioned previously, has no trouble running Skyrim in ultra settings, my current GPU’s capacities remain reasonable. I imagine said GPU should be capable of running Battlefield 4 at high (but not very high or ultra) settings with the 1920 by 1080 resolution, as well, so the question of whether or not I actually get Battlefield 4 will depend largely on how good the campaign is, rather than whether or not my system can handle it (I haven’t been able to say that for around five years now).

  • Back to talking about Crysis: the VTOL’s hull integrity is capable of regenerating, albeit slowly. Ascension ends after Nomad reaches a stretch of open ocean and reports that they are around 10 minutes away from the USS Constitution. I have died here before after ice shrapnel from the alien scouts somehow hit the VTOL and totaled it, but thankfully, this hasn’t happened here.

There is an undeniable appeal about these two missions: things have now gone really bad, and all of the US Forces are preparing to evacuate the Lingshan Islands. The gravity of the situation is immense, and there is a sense of urgency to leave before the situation worsens. However, the appeal in Exodus and Ascension comes from the way it is portrayed: as a gamer, I am given a visual representation of the evacuation in force, illustrating the mindset surrounding the participants. The convoy to the exfil site, the subsequent use of an anti-air battery to provide covering fire, and the piloting of a VTOL back to the USS Constitution, serves as a brilliant analogy for those transitioning away from a decaying online community such as TV Tropes. Naturally, the aliens represent the pseudo-intellectuals, whose increasing presence threaten stability. Having fought them to near-exhaustion, members of the original community have opted to leave before things deteriorate further. While leaving, other members might be able to get off a few retaliatory strikes, although some members are unceremoniously removed before being able to leave. The parallels between Exodus and Ascension are solidly reflected in some of the online communities out there, especially TV Tropes. By being able to really depict such a situation in an interactive, visual manner, these two missions stand out as being the more entertaining ones towards the end of Crysis.

Crysis- Paradise Lost

“Whatever it is, I’m right in the eye of a storm.” -Nomad

Nomad manages to escape, but the structure creates a massive sphere of energy that freezes everything outside to -129°C. Once outside, Nomad is attacked by various alien machines before finding Prophet. Prophet was able to engineer a weapon using the aliens’ technology, the Molecular Accelerator (MOAC). Prophet’s Nanosuit malfunctions, requiring him to frequently stop and recharge using heat sources, such as the burning wrecks of military vehicles. The two eventually exit the energy sphere upon reaching a bridge.

  • It’s nice to be back outside, although this new world is a snowy, icy level that I first traversed back in March 2010. Near the end of the term back then, a snowstorm in unusually warm conditions created a large amount of slush that weighed down the transmission lines and knocked out power to my neighborhood. That evening, I was finishing up an assignment for discreet mathematics as the power went out, forcing me to use a flashlight to complete said assignment.

  • I managed to do alright on the assignment despite making a few mistakes: I never got around to reviewing the assignment because the lack of lighting made it somewhat difficult. However, the next day was a Friday, and I opted to take the evening off to play this mission. It was still cold out there, and so, I was getting quite cold while playing through Paradise Lost.

  • Nomad will encounter the alien troopers now: they are more resilient than their unarmoured forms and will take two shotgun shells to take down, whereupon they will explode violently. Because of the proximity the aliens will engage the player in, a shotgun with a laser sight is all that is necessary to take them down.

  • The Molecular Accelerator (MOAC) extracts water vapor from the surrounding air, freezes it, and then fires the resultant shards of ice. Prophet was able to modify this weapon on the battlefield to be human compatible, appearing to use the carrying handles of the Hurricane Minigun.

  • Paradise Lost is an epic poem written by John Milton. Published in 1667, it was a recollection of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, their seduction by Satan and subsequent expulsion from the Garden. It is alluded to in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus. Frankenstein’s creature compares his existence to that of Adam’s. At the time of writing, I have completed two different courses where Frankenstein was discussed: as a Gothic horror, the story warns of the dangers associated with pursuing forbidden knowledge.

  • I could probably argue that the “forbidden knowledge” in Crysis is Prophet’s fascination with the alien beings and their technology: it was noted that it would take several weeks for the USS Constitution’s scientists to reverse engineer the MOAC, and Prophet’s subsequent return to Lingshan for unknown reasons.

  • I personally find the MOAC to be less effective in the campaign; despite having unlimited ammunition, a high rate of fire and a reduced spin-up time compared to the minigun, the ice projectiles have a short range, and the weapon cannot be fired down the sights, reducing its accuracy. For most of this mission, I stick to the shotgun, although I do keep the MOAC around for its unlimited ammunition.

  • Prophet’s suit begins to malfunction; he must be escorted to sources of warmth (specifically, the burning vehicle wreckages). Players may opt to find missile launchers scattered around the map, although taking down the alien exosuits won’t do much good, as a new one will spawn.

  • There’s a song on the soundtrack titled “Prophet’s Bridge”: the music probably refers to this part of the game, although I’m not too sure about the track’s naming, since the bridge itself marks the end to the level.

  • Crossing this bridge will end the mission, concluding the only mission to be set inside the alien’s energy sphere and setting the stage for the final acts to Crysis. As with Bad Company 2, I will try to get the remainder of the missions done before the Autumn Equinox: I have an ambitious project in mind concerning Sora no Woto after these gaming posts are over.

The tropical paradise gives way to a frigid wasteland after the aliens project their energy sphere, covering everything in a thin layer of ice and causing it to precipitate ice crystals over the island. The aliens have now replaced the KPA as the primary antagonist (in supplementary materials, the KPA and US forces fight together); the alien troopers and scouts are quite resilient, so I chose to stick with the shotgun for much of the first half of the mission, sneaking around larger groups with cloak where required. All over the island, there is no better evidence of just how cold things are than seeing the remains of KPA and US forces frozen solid: I was playing this in late June, when things were quite warm. Paradise Lost managed to evoke the chills in me, and bought back memories of when I first played this back in March 2010, during the winter season when I was supposed to be studying the proof by induction concept. As mentioned previously, it’s an entirely different experience to play Crysis on a capable machine, but there is also something to be said about gaming during the summer, where there are no assignments or exams on the horizon. Games in general take on a more casual approach, even as I’m fighting through alien hordes to get Prophet to a heat source.

Crysis- Core

“Major Strickland, if you can hear me, you’ve got to get everyone off this island. There’s thousands of these things that are waking up!” -Nomad

Nomad becomes trapped inside the former Excavation Site and has to find his way out on his own. The VTOL pilot begins losing radio signal upon Nomad’s entry to the cave. Nomad finds that the cave is abnormal, having the characteristics of an artificial structure. Moving into the cave, he spots a damaged alien Scout, which subsequently retreats. Suddenly, the gravity is lost, forcing Nomad to use his thrusters to move around. He passes through a tunnel and soon realises that he is not alone. Further into the tunnel, a strong current prevents his progress: Nomand takes down a generator and removes the current, allowing him to move further into the tunnel, where he comes across several of the aliens. Upon reaching a large generator chamber, Nomad learns that the aliens are in a stasis state, waiting for further order. He destroys all generators and escapes, causing the aliens to become aware of him. Deeper in the vessel, he finds that the aliens have been gathering objects from outside, and there are electrical biologic tentacles around the ship. Nomad stumbles across a rapid-transit tunnel, and he is whisked through the bowels of the alien vessel before existing in a control room. Large gates open and allow Nomad towards a large chamber: upon fighting off a large number of aliens, he reaches the gate leading back outside.

  • The first order of business after the elevator crashes, is to gather as much ammunition as can be physically carried. I recommend grabbing the shotgun and FY-71 assault rifle: the minigun may be tempting, but its long spin-up time and ammunition scarcity means that it is not particularly useful against the fast-moving aliens. Ideally, one should also try to find a laser sight and reflex sight, since those attachments make it far easier to take down any opposition encountered.

  • Now that we have all the ammunition we’ll need, it’s time to take one small step for the Nanosuit and enter the alien complex. The last time I played Crysis, I had medium settings, and this level was not particularly pleasing.

  • Proceeding into the main structure and seeing the alien crystals in full quality changed my mind about the mission. Players should opt to take the pistol with them as a side-arm, since the pistol doesn’t occupy another slot for the main weapons and as such, offers (albeit a small amount of) additional firepower.

  • Gravity disappears at around this point, but the Nanosuit has thrusters and will make it reasonably simple to navigate in this environment. It is quite easy to become disoriented inside the alien structure, so the key here is to use a landmark as a means of acquiring one’s bearings.

  • These glowing energy tubes are generators that power currents: a few rounds from the assault rifle or shotgun will disable them, allowing Nomad to pass through one chamber into the next without significant resistance.

  • The quiet of the corridors in the alien vessel are broken when the aliens show up. They’re called Ceph in Crysis 2, but because that isn’t known yet in Crysis, I’ve simply decided to continue calling them aliens. It also minimises the instances of spoilers (although those reading this article in its whole will come across the mention and probably already knew this anyways).

  • By this point in the mission, players may have exhausted a small amount of ammunition fighting the first of the aliens. Fortunately, there are stockpiles in this room: it appears that various objects from Lingshan have floated in as well. It adds a nice touch to the level, and I spent a few moments exploring before moving onwards to a small chamber in the side to enter the next room.

  • There are several points in the mission where Nomad enters a large room with multiple generators: disabling them will often result in the aliens appearing and attacking the player. Some aliens will ram the player and blow away their suit energy, while others carry weapons that fire ice shards. A single shotgun blast or several assault rifle rounds will end them. Alternatively, aliens foolish enough to stick around can be grabbed and pummeled to death.

  • Nomad enters a long passageway that whisks him seemingly to the bowels of the alien structure. Fortunately, the chamber he is deposited into is actually quite close to the end of the mission. The trick here is to try and find a small passageway to the side, leading to a pentagonal door. After entering the next room, there will be no choice but to kill everything that moves.

  • Some of the upcoming enemies are seen here: the large alien exosuits will require heavy firepower (i.e. the Gauss gun) to take down, but for now, they aren’t a problem. Once the player enters the final room, they must wait for the doors to open. There is a series of energy grids that will power-up: once they do so, the doors will open, allowing Nomad to exit the structure and end the mission. I’ve seen some guides where the player is equipped with a sniper scope, but I’ve yet to find one myself (hence my exclusive usage of the reflex sight here). Similarly, there is supposed to be incendiary ammunition somewhere, but I haven’t found it yet. This means…a third playthrough!

Core is the loneliest of the missions in Crysis, and is also the most claustrophobic, being set in the bowels of an alien vessel. Owing to the lack of clear landmarks, and the fact that any support from JSOC or Nomad’s HUD is gone, navigating this level is a nightmare. The first time I played through this mission, I was playing on medium settings at 1024 by 768 and had desired nothing more than to get through the mission as soon as possible: on a smaller screen, navigation was next to impossible. In short, I hated the mission, but my opinions of it have now shifted thanks to being able to play the game at full settings at 1080p. Of course, the mission itself has remained unchanged, but at high resolutions, the alien architecture is strikingly beautiful and cold. Instead of trying to rush through this mission, I took my time looking at the alien constructs and structures in the absence of any objectives (besides getting out of here, but even then, there really wasn’t any rush to). This is the only mission where we get to see the aliens in their natural form; it is quite satisfying to grab and pummel an alien with strength mode and fists. Having now played through on highest graphics settings, Core is perhaps one of the strongest examples about why Crysis should be played on the best possible settings.

Crysis- Awakening

“Prepare to witness a shift in power!”―General Kyong

Nomad enters the excavation site at the mountain’s base, but is captured by Kyong’s men. Kyong deactivates Nomad’s Nanosuit, and Nomad watches, helpless, as Kyong shoots one of the hostages in the head and then detonates explosive charges to open the structure. An energy pulse emanates from the structure and kills Kyong’s men; the pulse also reactivates Nomad’s Nanosuit. Kyong, also wearing a Nanosuit, attacks Nomad, until Nomad is able to kill him. As the mountain continues to collapse, a VTOL evacuates the last hostage, Dr. Rosenthal’s daughter Helena, but is unable to rescue Nomad.

  • The first part of the mission is to infiltrate a KPA base and gather some intel: to make things simpler, use exclusively the incendiary ammunition to take down everything in sight. Near the download terminal, there is a room with a stockpile of incendiary ammunition for restocking.

  • It is advisable to use cloak and approach the lumber mill slowly: while it may not look heavily guarded, rushing in with guns blazing will not be effective by any stretch for four reasons, presented as surprises for the players.

  • The surprises noted are KPA Nanosuit soldiers. Unlike the ones encountered earlier, these ones have miniguns, which lay down a devastating amount of firepower. Nomad should have a gauss rifle here and/or an FY-71 with incendiary rounds: a well-placed headshot or a handful of incendiary rounds should be sufficient to cut down a Nanosuit solder.

  • Aside from Nanosuit soldiers, KPA forces with precision rifles and soldiers manning the machine guns complicate things.


  • Once the lumber mill is clear, the US Forces will land another VTOL and a handful of marines at the site. The VTOL also has a stockpile of Guass rounds: despite guides informing players to conserve on Gauss rounds, the Gauss rifle is of minimal use once inside the mine, so this is the ideal place to make good use of the rifle and clear out the area surrounding the mine entrance below.

  • There are two other Nanosuit soldiers here. If they were missed earlier during the sniping session from earlier, they can be cleared out using the incendiary rounds from the FY-71.

  • I used to wonder why there was the option to use an assault scope, reflex sight and iron sights when there was a sniper scope for long range: however, experiences at close quarters suggest that the reflex sights are perhaps the most useful, and the assault scope has some applications. There might be a KPA Nanosuit soldier inside the mine: use of the Gauss rifle or FY-71 in conjunction with cloak will make this part simple enough.

  • A rockslide inside the mine reveals a bit of the surface: it seems the cloud cover has cleared, and it is sunny outside. However, Nomand must proceed deeper into the cave: players should note that the falling rocks in here can easily wipe Nomad out, even if in armour mode.

  • Because all of Nomad’s weapons are now removed, one must make do with the various shotguns and SMGs on the map. Engaging General Kyong will take forever via this approach, so the alternative is more efficient and amusing: grab a barrel, switch into cloak, approach General Kyong, switch to strength mode, and toss the barrel at him. Throwing another barrel at him (or a series of strength punches) will be sufficient to finish him. This manner should earn the achievement “Donkey Kong Country”, but unfortunately, there are no achievements in Crysis.

  • The last phase of the mission has Nomad meeting with Helena Rosenthal for the first time. The elevator stalls, prompting the VTOL to rescue them. Helena is brought on board the VTOL, but Nomad is stuck inside the complex when the elevator falls to the ground, setting up the stage for the next, most unusual, mission in Crysis.

After clearing out a KPA base, Nomad must clear out another landing site for the US VTOLs. The KPA Nanosuit soldiers make another appearance here, but they are much harder to take down this time, as they have mini guns, support fire from other Nanosuit soldiers and the regular KPA soldiers. The best way to approach this is a combination of stealth and overwhelming firepower. After using cloak to get into a suitable position, around 8 to 12 incendiary rounds from the FY-71 will take out a Nanosuit soldier. There are around four Nanosuit soldiers around the processing plant, and once they are cleared out, the VTOLs can start landing. Getting down to the mine is reasonably straightforward: with the amount of gauss rifle ammunition here, I chose to engage the KPA forces from a distance, before driving down to the mine entrance. Here, a few more Nanosuit soldiers will be present, and as previously, the incendiary ammunition comes in handy. In fact, the incendiary ammunition is common enough for a player to depend entirely upon it for this mission: dealing significantly more damage than the standard ammunition, these rounds make the mission far easier. The fight against General Kyong is quite simple: other guides out there have suggested hit and run tactics using the cloak and so forth, but the most effective method is simply to grab a barrel, go into strength mode and throw said barrel at him a few times. It certainly beats sneaking around the map trying to find ammunition for the SMG, which deals pitiful damage against the Nanosuit.