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Victory in discount iOS apps

A month ago, Epic Games released “Infinity Blade II: Vault of Tears,” a free content update for its Game of the Year Award-winning iOS blockbuster, “Infinity Blade II.”As a promotional offer, the full version of “Infinity Blade II” was purchasable for a limited-time promotional price of $2.99 via the iTunes App Store. At around the same time, EA released an update for Real Racing 2 HD 2, making it suited for the iPad 3’s retina display and as part of a promotion, also reduced the price of Real Racing 2 HD to $1.99. These offers were nigh-impossible to pass up, so I purchased both games and ended up saving nine dollars altogether; presently, both games cost $6.99 apiece.

  • I might post a full review of Infinity Blade II later. Infinity Blade was one of the games that I had initially considered purchasing, but eventually decided to wait and see whether or not my interest would wane for the game. However, when I heard about the discount for Infinity Blade II, I decided that the purchase would be immediately worthwhile.

  • I’m not too sure how Infinity Blade II differs from its predecessor in gameplay: all I know is that there’s a new story, new graphics and new items. The combat system takes full advantage of the iPad’s touch screen and allows players to precisely control their parries, dodges and sword strokes, contrasting melee games on traditional systems, which depend on a preset sequence of moves.

  • The graphics on the iPad 2 rival the PlayStation 2 and even the Xbox in terms of quality. Real Racing 2 HD was another game that I had my eye on since last summer. Back then, the price was $9.99.

  • I consider Real Racing 2 HD to be the Gran Turismo for iOS. Infinity Blade II is compatible with both iPad and iPhone/iPod touch, while Real Racing 2 HD is iPad-only; a smaller version exists for the iPhone/iPod Touch platforms. However, given that the discount essentially lowered the cost of the HD version, I’d go with the iPad version every time.

Both Infinity Blade II and Real Racing 2 HD were used to showcase the iPad 2’s then superior video processing capabilities. It is hardly a surprise that they are some of the most popular and well-received apps for the iPad. Beautiful and boasting intuitive-yet-engaging gameplay, they extend the iPad’s capabilities well beyond the academic machine I’ve previously hailed the iPad to be.