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Kong King

Kong King is a King of the Hill (KOTH) map released in the August 10, 2012 Patch. The first urban map in Team Fortress 2, it is set in the middle of an unspecified Chinese city and is based on the video game Sleeping Dogs. The goal is standard fare for KOTH to capture the control point and seize it for a duration of 3 minutes, while stopping the other team from doing the same. Kong King is one of the widest KOTH maps in Team Fortress 2, allowing players several alternative routes to the hill at the map’s center. The hill is unique in that it can be accessed from two levels, the upper and lower levels. This forces players to pay more attention to their defensive strategies, as flanking the hill is more effectively conducted from the lower level. The urban landscape also permits creative jumping opportunities owing to all the clutter.

  • A soldier is best suited for providing long-range covering fire to defend those capturing the point and restrict the movement of the other team. Rocket-jumpers can easily reach the pagoda roof and start raining down rockets from there: from this position, a strategic view of the enter upper level is found, allowing soldiers to decimate high-value targets, such as Sentry Guns.

  • Engineers will make a world of difference on this map with their ability to make teleporters, allowing team mates to rapidly reach the capture point. Sentry guns are less useful, as there are no defensive positions from which to deploy them. Instead, a mini-sentry is preferred, given that it is built more rapidly and can be wielded as a distraction.

  • Medics play no differently than they would normally. The medi-gun is probably the best option: once another player is Über-charged from a safe position, it is possible to storm in and destroy all obstacles, whether they are sentries or other players. The clearing afforded may allow one’s team to recapture or revert the capture of the hill. Owing to the sheer amount of firepower being thrown around on the map, the Crusader’s crossbow might be a viable option.

  • The heavy’s firepower is less effective in defending the control point because there are four points of entry. Thus, heavies should circle the upper level and keep an eye on the narrow corridors, where it is significantly more difficult for the opposition to dodge the minigun rounds.

Whereas other community members may not necessarily share my views, the name “Kong King” is likely a combination of “Hong Kong” and “King of the Hill”, reflecting on Sleeping Dogs’ location. There are numerous Chinese character signs scattered around the map: RED team has the name 可靠的开挖破坏 (“Reliable Excavation Demolition”) and BLU team is 建设者联盟联合 ( “Builders League United”). Other various signs on the map include: igns read 油炸鱼排加炒薯条 (“Fish and Chips” ), 傳統的餐廳 (“Traditional Cafeteria” ), 紅色藥房 (“Red Pharmacy”), 酒吧 (“Bar”), and 土木工程產業公司 (“Civil Engineering Industrial Company”). This latest addition to Team Fortress 2 is most welcome: the map is a highly amusing replica of Hong Kong, right down to the signs, building style and clutter. The dimensions of the map makes teamwork especially important: the difference between victory and loss could be as simple as the presence of a lone engineer and well-placed teleporters.