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Tux- Steam for Linux Incentives in Team Fortress 2

On February 14, Valve released Tux, a special promotional item for users of Linux for Steam. The item will be given to anyone logging in using a Linux machine between February 14 and March 1, 2013. In game, the Tux appears as a stylized version of the Linux mascot, Tux the Penguin, and is worn on the character’s belt.

  • I’ve been a user of the Linux OS for the past four years, having done half of my undergraduate degree on Linux machines at the local university’s computer labs. As an operating system, Linux is immensely powerful, but also has a steeper learning curve compared to Windows and Mac. I signed in at the lab, and lo and behold, I have myself a Tux now! I’m hoping that this item will become as sought after as the Apple buds at some point in the future.

Of course, mere hours after the updates were posted, guides were popping up on how to acquire the item without performing a proper installation of Linux: their installation techniques vary dramatically, and range from the use of Virtual machines to a quasi-partition and, for the hardcore, a full partition that will create a dual-boot machine. Some of the methods, such as the Wubi installer, have the risk of corrupting the Windows root directory when installed: at least one user has reported that their machine was rendered combat ineffective and was forced to completely reformat their computer, leading me to wonder about the lengths to which individuals are willing to acquire items in Team Fortress 2. Elsewhere, folk on Steam Forums are left incensed over people attempting to capitalise on what could be the next buds. At the end of the day, I could care less: I have a hat that says Linux Represent!