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The Original

Inspired by the original rocket launcher from Quake, the Original is a bulky, tan rocket launcher with a metallic tubular exhaust port, metallic and tan handles, as well as a distinctive oversized barrel. While the weapon is statistically identical to the soldier’s standard rocket launcher, it fires straight down the crosshair rather than an angle like the standard rocket launcher. This means that all rockets fired will be accurate, contrasting the small deviation experienced by standard rockets.

  • The Original’s first-person view model is at the bottom-center of the screen, and its rockets are launched straight ahead of the Soldier, as opposed to being fired at an angle. The Soldier holds the weapon normally in third-person view.

  • Accuracy means that I typically prefer the Original over the other rocket launchers. The launch sounds are particularly impressive, having a significantly deeper and more powerful feel to it compared to the standard rocket launcher. I’ve casually noted that one of the guys I’ve killed here with a lucky critical rocket is the same guy who was on my team many moons ago.

These traits make the original ideal for situations involving long-range bombardment, such as assaulting sentries or distant enemies. The main disadvantage is a minor one: the rocket trajectories mean that one cannot fire from cover. Thus, the Original is probably optimised for maps with open spaces. Then again, I’ve consistently fielded the Original over my other rocket launchers in most successful games, suggesting that the Original is every bit as versatile as the rocket launcher, making this a preference more than a strategic option.