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HG Sinanju Reflection

This is my completed third HG kit and my second HGUC (technically, fourth: I have the HG RX-78GP02A Gundam Physalis and the HG GX-9900 Gundam X still waiting to be built). The completed product could probably pass for an MG in a still photo if I don’t put a proper MG beside it to give it some scale, and that is saying something about just how well-designed the kit is. I got this kit on a cold December afternoon after picking up the results for my Primatology exam, and began the model on Christmas Day. However, I wouldn’t finish the kit until a few days later, as I was out capitalising on the Boxing Day sales and was installing a new LED TV on the 27th. The kit was finished on the 28th, and since then, has been complementing the Unicorn on my bookcase.

  • The Sinanju looks impressive just standing there. Sticking it on an action base will, of course, diversify the number of poses it is capable of. There are many little details in the main body and weapons that makes the unit most amusing to assemble. Whether it is the fact that the hand-axes can form a double-edged weapon without requiring a separate handle or the additional grenade launcher for the rifle, the Sinanju simply offers details at what might be normal of a master grade kit. That said, from what I hear, the MG Sinanju is practically a perfect grade.

  • The application of the gold-trim stickers is probably the most demanding phase of constructing the Sinanju. However, the gold stands out against the reds and blacks very nicely. The tomahawks are mounted on the interior of the shield: two clear effect parts transform the shield into a weapon reminiscent of Halo’s energy sword.

The Sinanju is perfect for juxtaposing the Unicorn: whereas the Unicorn is sleek and is defined by sharp angles, the Sinanju feels far more organic, boasting smooth curves. The sheer number of weapons that comes with the kit also contrasts the minimalistic loadout of the Unicorn Destroy mode. Whereas the Unicorn Destroy mode only comes with its signature beam magnum (the regular mode Unicorn is required to get the Hyper Bazooka and beam sabres), the Sinanju comes with a beam rifle, grenade launcher, two beam sabres, four tomahawk handles and their associated clear effect parts, giving rise to a unit that is fully loaded and ready for a combat operation. The end result is a model that succeeds totally in conveying the character and mannerisms of Full Frontal and his skill with a mobile suit.